Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012... Hello 2013

Image: We Heart It... Edited By Me!
Hi Lovelies, It's New Years Eve already, I don't know where this year has gone! I've had a fab year on my blog and it's coming up to My 1st year of blogging in a few weeks!
I wish you all a happy new year and hope you all have a fab night whatever you are up to!
I still haven't got a clue what I'm wearing tonight!!
What are you up to this New Years Eve? Do you have any New Years Resolutions?
Have a Fab night and a Happy New Year... Speak to you all in 2013!!


Saturday, 29 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Image: We Heart It... Edited by Me!
Hi Lovelies... Merry Christmas (She says 4 days after!) I hope you've all had a fabulous time and have indulged in lots of yummy food... I know I have!
Christmas has been so busy, On Christmas Day we all opened all our prezzies (My Little Girl and Boyfriends kids had loads!) then rushed off for a meal with the Boyfriend's Family in Stafford, Stuffed our faces to the max then my favourite part of the day came... Secret Santa! So one person that was at our Christmas Meal text us all saying we are going to be doing a Secret Santa at our Christmas meal, Adults only and be inventive!
So I hear the word 'Adult' and in my head I'm thinking of something stupid and funny from Ann Summers, So while Christmas shopping me and the Boyfriend had a butchers in Ann Summers to find something Adult and Inventive... I found a pair of Nipple Tassel's that I had to get, whether a male or female picked my Secret Santa gift I was sure they would Laugh Out Loud as soon as they opened it, Then my Boyfriend had to find a gift, and we found.... Penis Shaped Pasta!!!.... All day I could not stop talking about this Penis shaped pasta that we found and If I opened that as my Secret Santa gift I would Laugh so much and cook up a Penis Carbonara the next day! ha
So all our Secret Santa gifts were all mixed up and we were all given one to open and to my utter surprise no one had brought anything Adult apart from me and my Boyfriend!! I got 5 random CD's that consisted of Cliff Richard, Lesley Garrett and Will Smith! and My Boyfriend got a Rubber Duck that turned into a torch! No one really Laughed Out Loud at our Gifts apart from a few giggles here and there... I felt like asking for our pasta back! lol
Our Secret Santa Gift's and Me in a Christmas hat and a joke cracker Moustache!
But aside from that little disappointment the day was fab and could tell I was stuffed to the brim with food because as soon as Doctor Who came on I nodded off, But I was then ready for round two of cheese and crackers and A few glasses of wine until 2 in the Morning.
I didn't go to any of the Boxing Day sales as working in retail meant that I was in work Boxing Day plus I'm not a huge fan of getting in a sweat rummaging for a bargain!, But I finished at 7pm and as a Boxing Day tradition Me and My Boyfriend always go to the Cinema, So we watched The Hobbit.
It was a great film, a little slow at the start but the effects in the HFR 3D was amazing! I know not all cinema's are showing The Hobbit in the new HFR 3D but it's worth finding a cinema that is showing it in the new 3D as it's another level of amazingness!
So that was my Christmas, I'm looking forward to New Years Eve, another excuse to stuff my face with food and to have a glass of Bubbly or two... Maybe Three???
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, What did you get up to? Did you get any fab gifts?
Have a Happy New Year

Fellow Lovers of Fashion... Get a £50 Amazon Voucher Thanks To Daxon!

Hi Lovelies, The Lovely people at Daxon are looking to reward the UK's finest fashion bloggers who love and live for fashion by offering the chance to become part of their exclusive blogger network.
You will also be rewarded with a £50 Amazon Voucher!... Who doesn't love an excuse to spoil themselves eh?

If you would also like to participate then check out the Daxon Fashion Bloggers Page but be quick as all blog posts must be comfirmed by 31.12.12.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dr Ceuticals Bottom Lift and Tone

Hi Lovelies, Christmas is only 6 Days away... Eeekkk! and for Christmas us ladies always want to look our best, So over the last month I have been trying out Dr.Ceuticals Bottom Lift and Tone*.

The one part of my body that I have issues with is the tops of my legs, They are a little bumpy and I always refer to them as my 'rugby player thighs'... Wouldn't we all love to have super sleek supermodel legs eh?!!

The Dr.Ceuticals Bottom Lift and Tone claims that after 28 days skin is up to 39% firmer and appears to be 24% tighter... So I put it to the test!
First when I heard of this product I thought it would be a cream but it's actually a gel which at first thoughts made me think ,well this must actually work because a lot of creams that I've tried before hadn't worked.
The product is to be applied twice daily and to be massaged well into the skin in circular motions towards the heart to boost circulation. The scent is also a subtle tea tree fragrance.

So after using this product for over a month twice a day has it worked?... Yes! After the first week I noticed my skin to be more softer, then a few weeks later my skin looked more toned and not so bumpy! I wouldn't say it actually tones your bottom or legs for you but it smooths your skin which I think gives a toned look.

This product is available from for £19.99 but at the moment is half price for Only £9.99.

If you have issues with your thighs or bottom like me, then I recommend you give this a try and your skin will feel smooth, toned and you will feel amazing!

Also Dr.Ceuticals do lots of other Toning products for any parts of the body you might have issues with, Check out this link to the website where you can see all the different toning products Dr.Ceuticals offer.

Have you tried any of the Dr.Ceuticals products?

Also... A Huge Merry Christmas to all of my Followers and Readers, I will probably have another blog post up this week then my days will probably be a little hectic on the lead up to Christmas, So I will be back with you just after Christmas Day.


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

An Outfit Perfect For New Years Eve ♥

Hello Lovelies!

I can't believe it's less than 2 weeks until Christmas... I'm not really in the Christmas spirit yet but as soon as I go pick up my Christmas Tree this weekend and decorate it, I'm sure I'll feel more Christmassy!!

Two new favourite websites of mine - FD Avenue and The London Perfume Company have asked us Beauty and Fashion Bloggers to come up with an outfit perfect for New Years Eve using our favourite items from both websites.

For My New Years Eve Wish-List I've picked this gorgeous Frankie Skater Dress from FD Avenue's exclusive collection and have teamed it up with a pair of black tights, gorgeous black studded earrings and a simple but glamorous black sequin clutch bag... with added killer black heels I think this would be a gorgeous statement outfit for any New Years Eve Party.
I've also added two OPI Nail Varnishes that match the dress I chose In Give Me Moor and Cajun Shrimp, For statement nails I would wear Cajun Shrimp on my Ring Finger and Give Me Moor on my other nails.
My favourite all-time Perfume is Jimmy Choo, It's a fun, fruity yet sophisticated and seductive fragrance, Perfect for making a statement this New Years Eve!

So with my New Years Eve look you will be making a statement in your gorgeous outfit and smell absolutely devine!

All items shown are available from The FD Avenue and The London Perfume Company Websites.

What will you be wearing this New Years Eve? Do you have any favourite items on The FD Avenue or The London Perfume Company Websites?

Thanks for Reading

Friday, 7 December 2012

NOTD: Classy Sequins

Hi Lovelies, Sorry I've been quiet again the last few days but it was my Little Girl's 5th Birthday Yesterday so had a busy few days on the lead up to her birthday!

At the moment Revlon have got an amazing deal that if you purchase 3 Revlon products you get a free Gold Sequin Nail Varnish! And what girl doesn't like an excuse to do a little shopping to get a gorgeous free item!

For my nail look I used Revlon Classy and Revlon Sequins (that you can get for free if you purchase 3 or more Revlon products).

I applied 2 coats of Revlon Classy to my Nails, This nail varnish is a nude peach colour that would look great with a LBD for any Christmas Parties this season.
Once fully dry, Using a cosmetic sponge I then dabbed a generous amount of sequins onto the tips of my nails then once fully dry applied a light coat of sequins over the whole of the nail.
This gives a nice glam ombré effect to your nails.

(Excuse my messy cuticles and broken nails - Thanks to winter! *sad face*)

I love the peach colour of the Classy Nail Varnish but think it would have looked a little better if I had a tan as it washed my hands out a bit... BUT I'm in love with the Gold Sequins Nail Varnish as it Glam's up your nails and you can use it in so many ways to dress your nails up!

Have you tried the Revlon Sequins Nail Varnish? What nail looks will you be wearing during the Christmas Party Season?

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Elemis Winter Secrets Collection

Hi Lovelies, Winter is officially here with the vile, cold, miserable weather that we've had over the last few weeks but why not perk yourself up with this new gorgeous Elemis Winter Secrets Collection.

This gorgeous 6 piece collection is being Launched at Midnight Tonight (1/12/12) on QVC's Today's Special Value for an amazing price of less than £50! Which if you purchase on the launch night or during tomorrow (2/12/12) you can save yourselves a whopping £100... Christmas has come early!

Included in the collection:

• Full size Skin Nourishing Shower Cream
• A discovery size award winning Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
• Full size NEW QVC EXCLUSIVE Evening Blooms Dry Body Oil

The Evening Blooms Dry Body Oil is a light-weight, luxurious body oil that will cocoon your skin in a veil of moisture, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and deeply hydrated. With notes of jasmine, vanilla, ylang ylang and osmanthus to delight the senses this delicately scented oil will envelope the skin in a unique and evocative fragrance.
A blend of macadamia oil to soften the skin and vitamin rich kukui oil to sooth and nourish, this beautiful body oil promotes peace and relaxation; just pour a small amount in the hand, warm between the palms and gently massage into the skin using long sweeping movements.

I tried out the Elemis Evening Blooms Dry Body Oil* and It's such a lovely oil that not only makes your skin feel good but also uplifts your senses with it's invigorating fragrance.
It's lovely to use on warm skin after having a long, relaxing soak in the bath or also to use as a massage oil.
It might sound a little stupid if I say that it's non-greasy, but other oils can leave your skin looking like you've doused yourself in chip fat (cold obviously!) but this doesn't leave a greasy feel to your skin, it just leaves it feeling soft, smooth and smelling Devine!
I do advise washing your hands after use as you can feel an oil residue on the palms of your hands.

Also it works great if you add a few drops into your bath water... So why not pour yourselves a glass of wine, light a few candles and have a well deserved relax!... The only trouble is I won't want to get out of there!!

I'm not too sure what the other 3 products in the Elemis Winter Secrets Collection are... But you won't have long to find out if you tune into the Launch on QVC Tonight.

The Today's Special Value will be live on air at the following times:

00:00 - Elemis Skin Therapies (2 hour launch show)
11:00 - Elemis Skin Therapies
13:00 - Elemis Skin Therapies
15:00 - Elemis Skin Therapies
20:00 - Elemis Skin Therapies
23:00 - Elemis Skin Therapies
Also available on

I know what I'm adding to my Christmas List!

Thanks for Reading, Enjoy your weekend and if you tune into QVC and purchase this item then let me know because I'd love to hear your feedback.

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Giveaway Winner... Sleep-in Rollers Goodies

Hi Lovelies, Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.
It's now time to announce the lucky winner of my Sleep-in Roller: Fringe Roller and Hairspray Giveaway.

And The Winner Is... chosen at random using the lucky winner is the gorgeous Hayley from A Beauty Addict's Blog! A HUGE Congrats to you and a HUGE thank you to all of you that entered; keep a look out for another giveaway that I might have coming soon!

Enjoy your weekend

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Friday, 30 November 2012

I&K Heat Protector Spray From Hair Trade

Hi Lovelies, I'm so glad it's Friday... The weekend is nearly here BUT I can't believe it's the 1st of December on Saturday! Where has this year gone?

Over the last few weeks I've been trying out this I&K Heat Protector* from, Hair Trade is one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions, hair care and beauty products.

This heat protector is especially designed to be used on hair extensions, but it can be used on natural hair too.
I have worn hair extensions for a number of years now and it's especially important to give them as much care as you can.
As the hair isn't "living" any more it's not getting any nutrients from the scalp, so you need to take extra care to stop them from drying out.

I've tried out many heat protectors on my hair extensions but a few have left a horrible residue on my hair and I have found myself having to wash my hair extensions more often due to this, which I find dries them out more.

I use the I&K Heat Protector before I dry my hair and just before curling or straightening.
It has a lovely fresh cotton fragrance that isn't overpowering and I find it really helps to smooth out the hair shaft on your hair extensions when you curl or straighten, which then helps to stop any frizz.

This heat protector is one of my favourites as I find it also stops any frizz, The only thing I can fault is that I wish it had more of a strong fruity fragrance!
Not everyone likes a strong fragrance for in their hair but I do prefer a stronger fragrance as It freshens up your hair and will get all the boys smelling your hair!... Que the Head and Shoulders Advert!!

The I&K Heat Protector is available from for £7.99 which I think is a reasonable price as it is a big bottle and it does help smooth your hair too and keep it feeling soft.

Have you tried any I&K Products? Do you have any favourite heat protectors?

Thanks for Reading

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Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Beauty Blogger Tag! ❤

Image: We Heart It... Edited by Me!

Hi Lovelies, I love a good old Tag Post, and after reading Liz aka Aspirations of Glam Tag Post I thought I would join in the Tagging fun too!

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?
I started blogging in January this year, and I must say the 3 Top Bloggers that really Inspired me to start blogging were: DizzyBrunette3, Tanya Burr and LLYMLRS.
I wanted to start blogging obviously because I love ALL things Hair, Makeup and Fashion and also because I loved reading other peoples blogs and really wanted to give people My own opinions on products and also to share my looks and advice.

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?
I really can't choose from 1 as the 3 mentioned above were my 3 favourite blogs that I loved to read religiously before I started blogging.

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product you brought and was it worth the hype?
I think this was Argan Oil, Everyone was raving over Moroccan Oil and Argan Oil how it's really great for your hair... and yes it was!

What are your five favourite things about blogging and being a beauty blogger?
1. Getting lovely comments when you've really helped someone out with a review etc on your blog.
2. All of the Beauty Bloggers, It's like we have our own little world out there and connect to it via our blogs... Plus all of the bloggers that I know are really lovely and down to earth.
3. The ideas I get for my blog posts, I get so many that I have to write them all down in my notebook, but then I find I have so many Ideas but little time to actually blog about them!
4. Trying out new beauty products... I would always go out and try new beauty products before I started blogging but now that I blog I find it gives me an excuse to go out and try out more products as I love trying them out and sharing my thoughts with the world!!
5. I just LOVE IT!
What have you learnt from being a blogger?
I've learnt that there are lots of girls out there like me that love to read reviews on products before purchasing them and that you just need to act yourself in your blog post's so then readers can connect to you better.
Have you changed anything since being a beauty blogger?
I've changed ALOT of my beauty regime for example my skincare routine has changed because I've found much better products to use and after a month of blogging I gradually started to fill my eyebrows in with an eyebrow pencil.... Yes it sounds a crazy/stupid answer but it's something that I didn't used to do before and now that I do fill in my eyebrows I don't know why I never used to before!

Soon I'm also going to change my camera, At the moment I'm just using my iPhone or a Digital Camera that I've got, but I've currently got my eye on a Canon 600D... That will be on my Christmas List to Santa!! Ha

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?
  • The main thing is to be yourself... Always give a genuine opinion on any products that you try out.
  • Give your blog a makeover... Looks are everything when it comes to blogs, It might take a little time, but get your blog looking how you want it to as soon as you can as it will attract more readers if it looks more appealing.
  • Social media is a MUST!... I'm on Twitter: @sarah22xoxo Instagram: Ohhsoglam and I'm also on Bloglovin, Hellocotton, Pinterest and probably many more! Social networks are great places to promote your new blog posts and to maybe gain a few extra readers.
Name your top 5 brands.
Models Own
Recommend your top 5 beauty products. 
  1. Clinique Even Better Foundation, Gives a perfect coverage without making the skin look too overloaded with makeup.
  2. Gel Eyeliner... I can't live without it!
  3. Models Own nail varnishes are a favourite as they are quick drying and last for ages on my nails.
  4. All of the Aussie haircare products, They all do what they say on the bottle and all smell amazing.
  5. Loreal Caresse Lipstick in 03 Lovely Rose is one of my favourite lip colours and it gives a gorgeous gloss texture to your lips.
Thank you for reading my Tag Post and if you decide to do this Tag Post too then let me know in the comments below.

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Giveaway Winner... Elemis Freshskin Skin Clear

Hi Lovelies, It's time to announce the winner of my Elemis Freshskin Skin Clear Giveaway... WHOOP!

First I would like to say a HUGE Thank you to all of you that entered and if this is the first that you've heard about the Elemis Freshskin Skin Clear Collection then you might like to check out my Blog Post with my full review on the collection.

The winner of this Giveaway has been chosen at random using

And the winner is... The Gorgeous Aimee from Miss Luxury Lifestyle!

I hope you enjoy the Elemis Freshskin Products.

Thank you to those of you that entered, I wish all of you could have been winners.

Don't Forget... You can still enter my Worldwide Sleep-in Rollers Giveaway that ends 30th November 2012.

Thanks again to all of you that entered and a huge congrats to Aimee ♥

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Just a Little Note...

Image: We heart it

Hi Lovelies, It's been a while... Just to let you all know I will be back blogging over the weekend, I've had the worst cold EVER over the last 5 days and haven't had a single bit of motivation at all BUT feeling much better now so will be catching up over the weekend.

Just a Reminder...

Don't forget to enter my 2 Giveaways:
My Elemis Freshskin Giveaway ends tomorrow (23/11/12) at midnight, You can enter HERE!

My Sleep-in Rollers Giveaway ends 30th November 2012 at midnight, You can enter HERE!

Also get 15% off at FD Avenue using my discount code "SARAH15" at the check out and to find out all about FD Avenue and my Wish List then check out My latest blog post.

Just a little catch up and hope you are all well.

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Sunday, 18 November 2012

NOTD: Glittery Pink

Hi Lovelies, Hope you are all having a Glamorous Weekend, I couldn't be bothered with watching The X Factor on TV last night as I'm really finding this years series extremely annoying, but I will watch the final if Ella, James and Jahmene are in it as they are my faves! So last night instead I played some Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 with the boyfriend instead!
Tonight we're going to the German Market in Birmingham to have a few drinks and look at all the stalls (I will probably Instagram a few photos, My Instagram is Ohhsoglam).

I painted my nails today using 2 of my favourite nail varnishes: Revlon Colorstay in Café Pink and Models Own Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix.

I really do love the gorgeous baby pink colour the Revlon Colorstay café pink gives and to add a little sparkle I then applied 2 coats of Models Own Ibiza Mix to my Ring Finger and Thumb nails.

What are you all up to this Sunday?

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

FD Avenue wish list PLUS Get 15% off with my Voucher Code

Hi Lovelies,

It's a dull and foggy day today so to cheer myself up I'm window shopping on the FD Avenue Website.
FD Avenue (formally known as Funky Diva) has a brand new and fabulous website.
If your a lover of fashion that won't break the bank then this website is for you, They also stock a Curvy range for all you gorgeous curvy ladies out there and they also have Menswear too.

I have put together a little wish list from the FD Avenue website, At the moment I'm really loving high-waisted skirts with t-shirts tucked in... Wear with tights then you can add either ballerina pumps, heels or chunky ankle boots for a more casual, glam or grungy look.

1. I'm Yours Print Vest Top £9.99
2. Black Skater Skirt £9.99
3. Black Blazer £19.99
4. Black Tights £2.99
5. White Enamel Moustache Double Finger Ring £5.99

TOTAL £48.95

1. Plain Black Leotard £8.99
2. Leopard Print Skater Skirt £10.99
3. Black Tights £2.99
4. Gold Tone Star Ring £7.99
5. Statement Gold Cuff £12.00

TOTAL £42.96

I really love these two looks as you can wear them at anytime of the day and just change your shoes to dress it up or down.
Also each Outfit comes up for less than £50.00 which is great as you can get so much for your money and skater skirts look great with any t-shirt tucked in and you can wear with a blazer or chunky knit cardigan in the winter.

15% Off Offer...
For all my lovely Ohh So Glam followers, FD Avenue have created a unique code where at the checkout you can get 15% all your goodies by using the code: "SARAH15"... I think this is a good excuse to treat yourself to some gorgeous items from the FD Avenue Website... But hurry this code only lasts until 16th December 2012!

Have you purchased any items from the FD Avenue Website or are there any items you like?

Thanks for Reading... TGIF


Gorgeous Smokey Eye Look using Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad

Hi Lovelies, Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Last week I purchased this amazing quad palette from avon, this palette is in the colour Mocha Latte.
I've had my eye on these quad eye shadows for a while as they come in so many gorgeous colours and after purchasing this one I really want to buy more!

I created a day time subtle smokey eye look using this palette.

All of the Products Used:

• Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 250 Fresh Beige using my Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 Brush
• Revlon Colorstay Concealer in Medium
• Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown
• No7 Eyebase
• Avon True colour in Mocha Latte
• Rimmel Gel Eyeliner using my Sigma Eyeliner Brush
• Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara in Black
• Dior Bronzer in 020 Light Tan using my Estée Lauder Blusher Brush
• Avon Colour Style Lipstick in Palest Pink

I really love this little eyeshadow quad as you can just use the lighter colours for more of a daytime smokey eye look, then add more dark for a nighttime smokey eye look.
I've been using this everyday since I've brought it and really want to purchase some of the other shades too.

Have you tried out any of the Avon True Colour Quad Palettes? If so what's your favourite colour?

Thanks for Reading

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

NOTD: Happy Diwali

Hello Lovelies,
It's Diwali Today and I thought I'd do something for it by doing a nail look fit for Diwali!

Diwali is popularly know as The Festival of Light and fireworks all play a big pet in Diwali so I wanted to create something vibrant and pretty.
My little girl is also celebrating Diwali at school today by wearing bright colours and is also having the Mendhi Pattern drawn on her hands.

For my Diwali Nail look I wanted to use a bright Pink colour, Gold and also a little bling!

For this look I applied my new favourite Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel base coat to my nails followed by 2 coats of Max factor nailfinity in disco pink (leaving out the little finger).
Once fully dry I then applied some decorative gems to my ring finger, creating a flower pattern, then I applied 3 coats of Models Own Disco Heaven to my Little Finger.
Once fully dry finish with a top coat, I used No7 Stay Perfect Top Coat.

I'm not too sure where I purchased the nail gems from as I have had them for years but you can purchase gems like this from Sally's, Claire's accessories, Hobbycraft of even from any £1 shops!

I love this nail look as it's not too OTT, but it gives a gorgeous vibrant and different look for Diwali.

What nail look are you wearing today?

Thanks for Reading

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Xen-Tan Spray Tan

Hi Lovelies, Hope you all had a lovely weekend, My weekend ranged from going to a children's party, eating Chinese, watching the xfactor and getting a spray tan done.

I visited the lovely Secret Garden Beauty Spa that is local to me in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton for a Xen-Tan Spray Tan*.

I have visited this lovely little beauty spa before, inside it's so modern and chic and makes you feel so calm and relaxed.
Last time I visited I had a St.Tropez spray tan done, but I've really gone off St.Tropez lately as it doesn't live up to the other spray tan's out there.
I've used Xen-Tan at home before (check out blog post HERE!)and the colour was amazing, such a gorgeous, dark, olive toned colour that lasted really well.

Prior to my spray tan I shaved, exfoliated and moisturised the day before, exfoliating and moisturising prior to having a spray tan helps to give an even looking tan and helps for it to last longer.

If you haven't had a spray tan done before it literally only takes 15 minutes, all you have to do is: get undressed, pop on some paper pants, stand in random positions while the beautician sprays you, wait a few minutes for tan to dry, pop on some baggy dark clothes and your DONE!!

You must leave your spray tan for 8 hours or overnight to develop then wash off the colour guide and your amazing tan will be revealed underneath.
I forgot to take a before photo but I only had one spray over with the spray tan (you can go darker if you want too) and this gave a gorgeous golden tan that made me look like I had a cheeky holiday in the sun for a few weeks!
I didn't want to go any darker because as we are coming into winter I find you can look a little too fake if you have a really dark tan, like as if you should be in L.A not stuck in cold Emgland!

At Secret Garden the Xen-Tan Spray Tan costs £25.00 for Full body or £15.00 for Half Body.

Also Saks are doing a Fake Tan Friday offer where on a Friday you can get a Xen-Tan Spray Tan for only £15.00... Get your tan on ready for the weekend eh Girls?

Just check out the Salon Finder section on the Saks website for a Salon near you then Register online and print off your Fake Tan Friday Voucher!

Have you tried out a professional or at-home Xen-Tan?

Any other Tan's you recommend?

DON'T FORGET... I also have 2 fab giveaways on my blog:
Sleep-in Rollers Giveaway
Elemis Freshskin Giveaway

Thanks for Reading

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Elemis Freshskin: Deep Clean and Magical Moisture Face Mask Duo

Hi Lovelies,

I can't stop going on lately how much I love the Elemis Freshskin range, I've tried out the Freshskin Peachy Perfect Face Wash and The Freshskin Skin Clear Range.
Over the last few weeks I've been trying out two different face masks from the Elemis Freshskin Range.

Elemis Freshskin Deep Clean and Magical Moisture Face Mask Duo*... This box contains 3x Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask and 3x Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask.

The Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask is a rebalancing facial mask that has a blend of natural clays, goji berry extract and frankincense oil to help draw out impurities and refine the skin whilst vitamin E softens and soothes.

The Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask is a super softening mask that contains white lupin, artic cranberry seed oil and apple extract to deliver an instant moisture boost to dry skin, while aloe vera gently soothes. Leaves skin radiant and exceptionally soft.

Both face masks have to be left on for 10 minutes, then rinsed off with warm water.
The deep clean face mask really helped to cleanse my skin, it has a lovely strong smell that helped to unblock my nose (because I had a cold at this time) and my skin felt super soft and fresh after use.
My favourite out of the two has to be The magical moisture mask as it contains Aloe Vera that was really cool on the skin and it left my skin moisturised with a gorgeous glow.

The deep clean face mask is a clay mask and the magical moisture is more of a cream based mask.

Both of these masks are great but my favourite has to be the magical moisture mask, I'm currently using them once a week alternating between the two different masks.
I've found by doing this it has kept my skin lovely and soft without a dry patch in sight and is a little treat once a week for your face.

This product is available from Time to spa (UK WEBSITE), Time to spa (US WEBSITE) and is now available from Superdrug in the UK.

I also have a GIVEAWAY on my blog where you can win the whole Elemis Freshskin Skin Clear Range... so be sure to check it out!

Have you tried any products from the Elemis Freshskin Range?

Thanks for Reading

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