Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Argan Oil : Update ♥

So Yesterday I applied the Argan Oil to my Hair extensions as they needed just a little something revive them and still today they are feeling so silky and amazing.

I hate products out there that say they'll do something for your hair & then the desired effect only lasting for a few hours.... BUT this works !! YAYYY ♥

All night I kept running my fingers through my hair & swooshing it around because it just felt amazing and it put a huge smile on my face because I finally found something that worked & that didnt just 'claim too'.

Today I put my hair extensions in & they still felt lovely but my extensions that were near the base of my neck were still feeling a little dry so i just cut the clips off & sewed on some new weaves. I think these ones dry out alot quicker because they are at the base of the neck where you get hot and they knot alot easier. But now they have been sorted it feels perfect now.

I'm definitely going to buy me the large Argan Oil after trying it out, I highly recommend it to anyone; It makes your hair smell, look & feel amazing and makes You feel fabulous too ♥

Thanks for reading

Sarah x

Pic: My Luscious Hair ♥


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