Friday, 27 January 2012

Beauty Sins ! : Rules I Break !!

Morning Lovelies, Its extremely cold this morning !! *Brrrrr*
After Talking to My Friend this Morning about our hair & how long its been since ive had it cut, I just had to do a blog on all The Beauty Sins I Commit !!

The Rules That I Break...
One of the Biggest Sin's is not getting my hair trimmed regularly! I'm a qualified hairdresser so i trim my fringe & sometimes my layers but I hate getting my hair cut, espesh as i'm trying to grow it!! I wear hair extensions everyday & have done for years. This is a really bad sin & you should get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. I probably will get mine done soon but i just never want to as I wear my extensions & its growing a lovely length! (yes i know have it trimmed & it will grow better, but i'm just naughty lol)

My 2nd Biggest Sin that I always regret the next Morning is sometimes not taking My makeup off before bed ! & Boy can I tell the next day that I left it on, i start to get spots & my skin feels dehydrated.

3rd Sin is Not drinking water at all !! I really hate water & I hate flavoured water, So all I really drink is fizzy pop, Coffee or Tea. This is quite bad & i know My skin would benefit alot more from drinking it, and all the other health benefits from it.
I think I need to make myself like the taste of it !!

4th Sin is not always using a heat protector on my hair/extensions *naughty*. Sometimes I do but I'm up at 6:30 getting ready for the School run, getting my daughter ready, so its normally brush through & quickly curl with my straighteners!

5th Sin is sometimes not using a base coat on My nails, and then soon as I take a dark nail varnish off I have lovely orange tinge nails *very sexy!*

6th and final Sin is washing my hair everyday. I love having fresh clean hair & sometimes I use dry shampoo between washes but then there are some days in a row where i'll wash it everyday, which is no good for all the oils in your hair & is no good for the red colour on my hair! Not too much of a big sin as sometimes i do it every other day & use dry shampoo, but it is a tad naughty!

So there are My 6 Beauty Sins. What Beauty Sins do You Commit? And What Beauty Rules do You always Stick too?

Remember Sometimes Rules are Made to Be Broken !

Have a Lovely Morning Everyone ♥

Sarah xx

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