Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fashion Favourite ♥ Alexander McQueen

Morning Lovelies!

After pulling out My Favourite Alexander McQueen scarf Yesterday & Today I just had to write a blog about it because I LOVE Alexander McQueen and their Scarfs are one of the biggest investment pieces that every girl should have in there collection.

Some people may say, there is noway on earth i'm paying that much for a scarf, but think of the quality & if its looked after & cared for it can stay in your collection for a lifetime.
I brought My Scarf back in 2005/2006 for £100-£120 & its still in good condition only A few pulls on it from treading on it while bending down because its so long!!
So say ive had it 6 years its only really cost me £20 a year !!! Bargain??

There are numerous Celebrities that Rock the AM Scarf....

Kim K

Ashlee Simpson

These are My 2 Favourite colours that i think will look fab for Spring/Summer 2012...

Federal Blue / Azure Skull Scarf

Flame/Beige Skull Scarf

Both of these Scarfs Price up as £165 but for summer to add a little something to a plain white T with a pair of Denim shorts/Jeans & Sandals, then to wear again in the winter with a black coat or jumper, it definetely something to invest in.

Here are a few more Items in the Alexander McQueen collection I love and dream of having ! ♥

Misty Rose Enamel Skull Clasp Bangle

Turtledove Crystal Britannia Skull Box Clutch.... £1,495 (major dreaming!)

And how Gorgeous is this Rose Silk Chiffon Draped Scarf Top? But at £1,075 dreamingggg again !!

Do You love Alexander McQueen? Do You have any Items in Your Collection? What other Designer Labels do You Love?

Have a Lovely Day Everyone x

Long Live McQueen ♥

Sarah x

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