Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Grey Day - A Grey Nail Polish ♥

So Today I decided to paint My nails & i really wanted to use my favourite grey/brown/medium nude colour or NYC Park Ave as its called !!!

BUT I didnt want my nails matching the vile Grey weather here so i decided to do my Ring Finger nail in a Pink just to glam & brighten it up.

Ive had the NYC Park Ave 246 nail varnish for a few months now from Superdrug & i'm sure it was £3 or less and for the money its amazing. 2 coats is enough and it gives a lovely glossy finish before you even apply a top coat. The colour is gorgeous aswell, not something I would have gone for but soon as it caught my eye i wanted it !!

The colour for my Ring finger is by Jessica in 336 Flirty ive had this for years ! It cost £8 but its lasted longer than any other highstreet brand I have in my collection. Its a lovely pretty pink and I think it looks a good combination with the NYC colour on the rest of my nails. I brought this from a hairdressers I used to work in but You can buy all Jessica Products off their website

Underneath are Photo's of my nails & the polishes I used sorry i cant place them throughout my blog as only using the app on my Iphone at the moment.

I hope You like this look I love it & love experimenting with different colours on the ring finger as it gives a little something to your look !! ♥

Thankyouu for reading

Sarah x


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