Friday, 20 January 2012

Leopard Nails : Tutorial ♥

Hi Lovelies, Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday on this dull & gloomy rainy day =)
Today I'm going to show you a quick and easy tutorial on how to get sexy leopard print nails ♥

I did these nails on some false nails i brought & just glued them on to my own nail Once the design was dry. I got more of a professional finish then compaired to doing it onto my natural nail as they are quite short.

Now You'll need Your nail varnishes...

I'm using 17 high gloss in cocoa cabanna, Collection 2000 in 25 buried treasure & Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique dot & flick pen in black (avail from superdrug).

1st apply 2-3 coats of a golden colour to your nails, I'm using 25 Buried Treasure by Collection 2000 as its a really nice gold & not too yellow as I find most gold's out there to be either too pale or too yellow.

Next using a medium-dark brown (i'm using 17 cocoa cabanna) get the end of your brush and dot on random dots. They dont need to be perfect.

Now time to turn it into Leopard Print!
Using my Andrea Fulerton Dot & Flick pen draw around your dark brown dots on some do full circles on others half circles....

.... That is what it will start to look like, Then go around all the other dots & then inbetween the dots add a few tiny lines or v shapes.

And Voila....

Sexy Leopard Nails ♥

Try it out & do it on your own nails, i did it on my own nails but could only do the one hand >.< FAIL ! But i found it alot easier painting the falsies then glueing them on.

Here is another idea of a fun colour you could do.

For this i used Base: Barry M 279 Bright Pink, Dots: Bourjous So Laque! In 44 Bleu model, Jessica 704 Lava Lamp, And for lines Andrea Fulerton Dot & Flick (as before).

Thanks for taking time to read my blog (espesh this one it's VERY long)!!
Have a Lovely Day.

Sarah x

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