Tuesday, 31 January 2012

No7 Eye Base - Eye Primer

Hi Lovelies, So this morning I was so annoyed because My Eyeliner kept smearing & looking vile so after a few tips off Kiamakemeup on Twitter this Morning I went & got me The No7 Stay Perfect Eye Base.

So 1st of all I applied My Foundation then applied the Eye Base ontop all over my eye...

As You Can see its just a Natural Shimmery Base with a creamy Texture.

Next I applied My Eyeshadow, Eyeliner & Mascara...

So Far so good, My eyes haven't Smudged yet and the Eye Base has made My eyeshadow stand out more too.

Check back to my blog tomorrow morning for an update on this Product as i'm going to take a few pictures of my eyes after 1 hour & after 6 hours to see if the results are still there.

Thanks For reading everyone. Do You have a favourite Eye Primer/Base.

Sarah xx

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  1. hope this keeps your eyeliner in place! Eye make up looks lovely :) x

  2. Thankyou xx will be blogging my results tomorrow :) x

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