Thursday, 26 January 2012

Purple Glitter Barry M Nail Effects Look ♥

Good Evening Everyone.

So my night off tonight & got some Me time until My Boyf gets home from work & My Little Girl is in bed, so a treatment on my hair & extensions & now time to do my nails.

Yes for the 3rd time running i'm going to be using the Barry M Nail effect. I just love trying it out with different colours.

So for this look i'm using Barry M Bright Purple 303, Claire's Purple Glitter Nail Varnish & Barry M Nail Effect in Black 311.

So first Apply 2 coats of the Barty M Bright Purple...

Leave to dry then apply 2 coats of Claire's Purple Glitter Varnish.

Once that is completely dry add a coat of Barry M Nail Effects & watch the magic happen...
After 2-3 Minutes once crackled & dry add a gloss top coat.

And Voila♥

Pleaseeeee excuse my cuticles again.... Mani needed Urgent !!

I'm really in love with this look, adding the glitter gives it a little something extra!!

Hope this blog post doesn't seem too rushed, I did write it all & quickly read a txt & came back to my blogger app & all what I'd wrote had gone !!! Aarrgghhhh !!

Has anyone else tryed the Nail Effects yet? If so what do You think & what are Your favourite colours?

Have a Lovely Evening Lovelies ♥

Sarah xoxo

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