Monday, 23 January 2012

Why Have One Nail Varnish When You Can Have Three ♥ NOTD

Hi Lovelies,

So Mondays are My Day off ♥ and after a busy day of My Little girl not going to Nursery at School because she was 'Too Poorly', To her running around 2hrs later back to her normal self (little madam!), Then doing a spot of tidying up & doing a little bit of shopping; It is now time for me to chillax, put My feet up & do my nails now my little pudding is in bed & my Boyfriend wont be home from work till later.

Back To The Nails...

So instead of doing the usual nail varnish (every finger the same colour) I'm doing 3 fingers 1 colour, The Ring Finger a Glitter & The Pinky a different colour...

Excuse My Cuticles- In desperate need of a Mani !

So for My Colour choice I used: Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus on my Thumb & first 2 fingers, Then Nyc 246 Park Ave on My last 2 fingers then applied 3 coats of a silver glitter on my ring finger that i got in a set for christmas. Not sure where its from it says Markwins International on the back if thats any help ?!?!

I Love Mixing up different colours on My nails as it adds something different & quirky & You can mix it up however You like.

So Thats my NOTD blog over.... Short & Sweet.
I'm going to wait for My Boyf to get home from work then its Celeb Wedding Planner & The NEW series of Skins *YAYYY*.

Enjoy Your Monday Night Everyone ♥

Thankyouu For Reading.

Sarah x

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