Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bye Bye Hair Straighteners !!

Hi Lovelies, So since Bleaching My hair to strip the red & constantly using hair straighteners to curl My hair every morning at 7am, I thought there has got to be a way to get a cute look without applying so much heat!!

...And The simple answer was A Plait !!

For the last 2 nights I put My hair in a plait before bed wake up put My makeup on, take Plait out & Voila get cute hippie/surfer waves!!

I'm obviously not saying Bye to My hair straighteners forever as I do love curling my hair with them, but its a quick, easy & heatless way to get cute waves :)

Thought I'd share that with You all anyway!!

Hope Your all having a great day :) .... Might Be getting more snow later >.< eeekkkk

Sarah xx

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