Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dip Dye / Ombre Hair Update !!

Hi Lovelies, So the otherday I bleached Out My Red hair & Dyed it Light Brown with a few shades lighter on the ends of My extensions.
But the colour didn't really take good on My own hair so I re coloured it on Tuesday & Now You can Tell the difference more from the top to the ends.

I'm Really Loving the Dip Dye / Ombre look now as Its more Noticeable, and Its so easy to do on the ends of Your hair extensions.

Its abit harder to notice on this pic... Blame my Iphone camera !!

I Entered a New York Fashion Week Twitter Comp on Twitter & Won Some Hair extensions for My Braided Headband Look and I've requested a Blonde Colour to come & When I'm ready to colour them I will do a Blog on how to do Dip Dye / Ombre on Your Hair extensions :)

Do You have dip dye hair? Who is Your Favourite celeb rockin' the dip dye look?

Thanks for Reading Lovelies, Have a Great Night.

Sarah xx

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  1. HI ho,

    Your hair looks amazing.
    I have booked in to have the ombre look on Saturday!!! I love it! Esp Caroline Flack's colour.
    As my hair is a short bob I'm hoping it will look ok, had my consultation with the hairdresser the other day & was really happy with what she said!
    Will let you know how I get on!
    Just need my hair to grow asap! Any tips...
    Lou xxx

    1. Oh great hun. I was wondering if u read my advice :) You'll have to tweet me a pic of your hair would love to see the results, i think it will look fab!
      And growing Your hair, those hair & nail vitamins are good, when you have Your hair cut make sure its the tiny ends coming off & a nice treatment on your hair once a week Lee Stafford does one and using Argan Oil, just 1-2 pumps on wet hair before you blow dry it, helps keep condition & protect it , I use one from sallys but Lee Stafford has one at boots too & all his range is 3for2 !! Hope that helps hun, always here to answer questions xx

    2. Thanks babe! Will try & tweet a pic but pretty alien to twitter I only know how to follow people lol!
      I have been deep conditioning my hair once a week leaving treatment on over night! Hopefully now Ive decided to go darker (as prevously been blonde for about 15yrs!) it will start to get in better condition!
      Keep up the fab work with your blog! LOve it!!!

    3. ust leaving it about 1 hour is enough, no need for overnight. 
      Be glad to hear how u get on sat with your hair & thankyou for feedback on My blog :) i'm loving it & love it more when i get great feedback & help ppl out. Sarah xx

      Oh & Alexa Chung & Olivia Palermo have the Ombre look too x


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