Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Valentines Nail Challenge ♥

Hi Everyone, So Inspired From the Lovely Unnakednails and reading her Blog, I'm going to do a different nail look/varnish counting down to Valentines Day ♥

These are the Looks I'm going to be doing each Day....

Day 1: Pink Nails
Day 2: Red Nails
Day 3: Glitter Nails
Day 4: Pale & Pretty
Day 5: Dark & Seductive
Day 6: Cute & Quirky
Day 7: My Valentines Look

Keep a look out each day for My different nail looks & on Valentines Day when I will reveal How My nails will be for Valentines this Year.

Comment Below If Your doing a Valentines challenge & If so what looks are You doing?

Love Sarah xx

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