Wednesday, 8 February 2012

NEW Hair !! Dip Dye / Ombre ♥

Hi Lovelies, Im Back !! But still feeling vile =(
So Yesterday after seeing how much My Red hair had faded & comments that grey's were appearing I HAD to colour My hair !!

Being a Hairdresser I love having different colours on My hair & love experimenting, So this Time it was a Dip Dye / Ombre Look.

This is How My hair was before I coloured it...

Because My hair was really red & I didn't want to just put a dark brown on to cover it I bleached it all over first & my extensions *cringe*, Then after 45mins-1hour it was this Gorgeous colour >.< !!

Major Eeeekkkkk Moment !!
So Ontop I used a 6.0 Loreal & on my extensions I used 6.0 too & a light blonde on ends of extensions.

When I washed the colour off My hair I still had few red bits so i think in a few weeks i need to go over with a shade darker maybe a 5.0 and do the same on My extensions as the colour went a little patchy on them, and aswell going a shade darker will show off the Dip Dye ends more, as its not that prominent at the moment!!

Even tho i still have a little red bit showing the colour looks fab & I really do Love It & If you wear hair extensions its so easy doing dip dye on the ends of them!!

You can't really notice the dip dye on this photo & I look orange & have red eyes !!! *badlighting*

Do You Love the Dip Dye / Ombre Look ? Whats Your Fave Celeb Thats Rockin' the Ombre look? Mine has got to be Caroline Flack.... Uber Glam !!

Thanks For Reading ♥
Have a Lovely Day

Sarah xx

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  1. Glad to see you feeling better! Love the dip dye was thinking about getting it done myself! Since you're a hairdresser i was wondering if you'd have an idea at how much this may cost in a salon/hairdressers since my hair is already brown i wasn't sure if there would be less/more steps or anything like that xx

    1. Hi sweetie, Sorry for late reply. Is your hair coloured brown or just natural no colour on it at all? xx

  2. coloured slightly darker than my natural brown, my hair was dyed red so i dyed it back to a very natural brown similar to my own colour xx

    1. They'd Prob bleach up the ends first then go over with the colour you desire ontop, if there is red underneath they prob will put colour or toner on Top of bleach because it will be quite brassy.
      The Price all depends what salon you go too & if they charge to finish your hair at the end, so it could be anything from £30-£70 depending what processes they'll have to do, if you have to pay to have it finished & what sort of salon it is.

      You can easily do it yourself for £15 with the help of someone, buy loreal bleach £6 boots get a hair dye brush & setion & paint onto ends (someone u trust will have to do that) lighten for 40mins then buy a colour u desire on the ends put that over the bleach u washed off & done :)


    2. aw thankyou :) £6 sounds much more appealing than £70! :) thanks so much :) xx

    3. Yeh well it would be £6 for bleach then prob £5 for colour to put on top. & it really is easy to do xx

  3. honi, loving the new hair... what colour did you use at the top x

    1. I used Loreal 6.0 Ontop but need to go over with a shade darker because in daylight can still see bit of old red x

    2. was it a box dye ie from boots? if so what kind as loreal do a few xxx

    3. No not a box dye, but any loreal 6.0 or 6 from boots would be the same x

    4. No Probs, Any other questions u have dont hesitate to ask :) x

    5. my current hair colour is blonde (it has been bleache dlight blonde for years) went hair dressers yesterday & she put full head of lowlights no6 through as want go darker, but she has said not to go dark straight away as I will want go back blonde loL! Anyhow I really love Caroline Flacks hair, although mine is only a short bob, but love her darker colour at the top!
      Not sure whether to risk putting a DIY box colour on it!
      Lou x

    6. Sorry for late reply sweetie been at work, it is a risk putting a diy colour on espesh if its bleached blonde! Best option is go back to ur hairdresser or try a new hairdressers (you can always go for a free consultation) and take a pic of Carolines hair & say this IS what I want ! And any good hairdresser will do what u want! They might say its a big difference going darker but I went from bleach blonde to brown & if its something you've got your heart set on then do it!!
      Caroline Flack's hair is a base 6-6.3 with 2-3 shades lighter on ends, it would look gorgeous on a bob too! xx hope u can understand that... Typing late & eyes ready to shut :) xx

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