Wednesday, 1 February 2012

No7 Eye Base - Update !

Morning Lovelies, So Yesterday I brought me the No7 Eye Base to try & keep my eyeliner from smudging & I must say the results were great.
So I applied the eye base an hour before work & I Took some photo's an hour after (just before work) & 6 hours later (when I finished work).

After 1 Hour

...Still looking the same as when 1st applied.

After 6 Hours

... Looking still perfect, no smudging, only a tiny bit on left eye but i did get something in My eye & had to get it out!!

So overall It Works !! *YAY* Finally I wont be getting annoying vile Smudged eyeliner anymore !!

Have a Lovely Day Everyone... Its a chilly one today !!

Sarah xx

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  1. WWOOOO glad it worked for you :) xx

  2. I know I'm so glad !! Can't live without it now!! x


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