Friday, 17 February 2012

Supermodel Clip It Hair Extensions By Hairaisers

Hi Lovelies so yesterday I was Lucky enough to Win a New York Fashion Week Twitter Comp and From The Lovely Supermodel Hair I receieved these hair extensions Today.

Woww I look rough on this pic... Blame it on running around with My daughter & Her Friends ! Ha
Your First thought are Probably why are the hair extensions blonde when her hair is brown? Well, I've had them lighter because I'm going to Colour them My hair colour in a few weeks & leave part of the ends out for a dip dye / ombre effect.
I will also do a blog tutorial on here to show you how You can achieve a dip dye / ombre look Yourself using hair extensions.

I did the Dip dye / Ombre Look on My extensions the other day & the colour on the ends is 2-3 shades lighter so it gives a natural dip dye / Ombre look but having these extensions alot lighter will give it more of a dramatic and noticeable look.

Back To The Extensions

In the pack You get:
2x 8" wide pieces
2x 6" wide pieces
4x 2" wide pieces

These are 18 Inch in colour P16/22, which is a gorgeous golden blonde colour.
They are also 100% Human Hair.

First Impressions I'm really happy with these extensions, They are a good bulk of hair; as some extensions can be really fine & wispy on the ends, They are lovely & soft and I can tell the quality is good because I've worn hair extensions for upto 6 years now & I've tried cheap ones & ones upto £175 a pack & these feel gorgeous & look amazing.

The Clips on them are great too, a large clip that will keep secure in Your hair but they're not too bulky so You can notice them.

So far I'm really Impressed with these hair extensions & know where to go to buy great quality guaranteed hair extensions.

This is a link to the SuperModel Hair Website.
Also If You have any questions You can follow @Supermodel_Hair on Twitter & They'll soon get back to You :)

Thanks For Reading Lovelies, Will write more about the extensions in a Week or 2 when I've coloured them for My dip dye look.

Any Questions Please ask & Your Comments are always welcome :)

Sarah xx

P.S A Huge Thankyou To Supermodel Hair & Hairaisers in picking My Hair Look in The Competition :) xx

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  1. oo I'm growing my hair out at the moment and have been looking for some extensions to try when it's a bit longer so I may have to try these out...I also can't wait to see the ombre effect you want to achieve! Following :) Pretty please check out my blog if you like... xxx

    1. Yeah i've already got ombre look did it on my blog before just going to do a more noticeable look. & hair extensions are great quality. I'm sure if You follow on twitter u get 10% off :) will check out ur blog too hun x

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