Thursday, 16 February 2012

TAG: 7 Beauty Sins

Hi Lovelies, Hope all You Singletons & Taken Beauts had a Fab Valentines.
Today I'm doing 7 Beauty Sins Based on the 7 Deadly Sins; I've seen this Tag on You Tube & Now In the Blogging World so thought I'd give it a go Myself...

1. Greed:
What is Your Most Expensive Beauty Product & Your Cheapest You've ever Brought?
My Most Ridiculously expensive beauty product I've ever owned is La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation

At £130.00 a Bottle, Yes I did say One Hundered and Thirty Pounds, This was an OTT purchase that I got around 5-6 years ago, I dont think it quite hit the £100 mark when I brought it many moons ago but for a foundation this was completely OTT.
It was a beautiful foundation with a concealer, but couldn't justify ever spending that much again!! But atleast I can say I've tried it !!
My Least expensive Beauty Product is My Natural Collection Loose Powder in Warm Translucent, I had never tried a Loose Powder before to set My foundation so because I didn't want to spend much money on something I had never used before I purchased this & for £1.99 it does what I need it too. I dont use it everyday but when I'm feeling a little shiney it does give a gorgeous Matte Finish.

2. Wrath:
What Beauty Products Do You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With?

St. Tropez !!!
I Love having a Tan & St. Tropez is My favourite fake tan out there but its just so much effort having to apply it every few days & keeping ontop of it!
If I was a millionaire I would be in the salon every week getting it done but as I'm not its one of those where I really love having it on but its so time consuming putting it on.

3. Gluttony:
What Are Your Most Delicious Beauty Products?

Its got to be My Barry M lipgloss, I love lipgloss & I have an ocd for topping it up & the Barry M Tastes So fruity I love it.

4. Sloth:
What Beauty Products Do You Neglect Due To Laziness?

This has got to be My No7 cleanser & toner.
I use face wipes for quick use and dont use my cleanser & toner as often as I should! *naughty*

5. Pride:
What Beauty Product Gives You The Most Confidence?

This Has got to be My Bourjois Foundation, Collection 2000 felt liner & Bourjois Coup de Theatre Mascara.
Aslong as I have My base Foundation on & My eyes are standing out, I feel good !!

6. Lust:
What Products Are You Lusting Over?
I'm loving Nail Varnishes lately, and these are My Favourites:
Barry M Pink Flamingo
China Glaze Skyscraper
China Glaze Cg in the city

7. Envy:
What Item Would You Most Like To Receive As A Gift?

Its got to be the Laura Mercier Lingerie Palette, What more could You want from a Makeup Palette It Contains:
6 Eye Colours:
*Luster Eye Colour in Buff Pearl and African Violet
*Sateen Eye Colour in Tawny Apricot
*Matte Eye Colour in Rich Cocoa, Pale Pink and Black Plum.
*2 Second Skin Cheek Colours in Rose Desire and Fresh Peach
These colours are so gorgeous & I would use them all ! Because Normally when You see a Palette You like there are always a few colours in it that You probably wouldn't use, but with this I'd use Every one !!
Bit Pricey at £41.50 but thats why I'd have it as a gift !!

What Are Your 7 Beauty Sins ?

Thanks for reading My post Lovelies, Feel free to comment & ask any questions, I will always reply :)

Sarah xx

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