Monday, 27 February 2012

TAG: What's In My Bag !

Hi Lovelies, So I've seen these Tag's on You Tube & some In the Blogger world so I thought I'd do one of my own :)

My Bag

My Gorgeous Fiorelli Handbag My Boyfriend brought me for Christmas, Big enough to carry everything I need plus more!!

I have Junk Receipts & My Daughters School Newsletters etc in the bottom of My Bag, Its not perfectly neat (Every girl has junk in their bag!) but I'm just going to show You the Main things...

Whats In My Bag??

Louis Vuitton Purse
Yessss before You start its Not real :,( but I dont care, I had a real one ages ago that lasted me 6 years but then while on Holiday in Tenerife found this one for only €12 *Bargain*

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola Perfume
My Boyfriend got me this for Christmas & its lasted well but only a tiny bit left now.
Its a gorgeous fruity smell & gets my day started when I spray it on of a Morning!

Special Mum Pen
My Gorgeous Little girl got me this last mothers day, I always have it in My bag.

Danielle Creations Mirror
My Dad got Me this for christmas, It has a normal mirror & a 5x mirror (great for plucking my eyebrows) I really love the swarovski elements on the front of the mirror too.

Lee Stafford DeHumidifier
I Love Lee Stafford hair products, They are like perfume for Your hair as they smell so amazing, I used this on My hair extensions ages ago when I was having a bad day with them, but use it now to keep my hair smelling fresh.

Batiste 50ml Dry Shampoo
I keep this little travel size dry shampoo in my bag just incase I need any in My fringe or it needs topping up, I have it in Tropical, but I love all the Fragrances.

TRESemme Argan Oil Glossing Spray
I use this during the day on My extensions just to add shine, stop frizz & condition them.

Denman Hair Brush
Denman do the Best brushes ever, great for everything espesh back-combing.
Keep it in My bag to brush hair & give me some volume when needed.

My Makeup Bag
I dont carry alot of Makeup in My bag, just a few eye & lip products to top up while I'm out.

In My Danielle Makeup Bag...
• Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Lipgloss - I dont use this alot but keep it in My bag & sometimes use it under My usual lipgloss.
• Barry M No11 Coral Lipgloss - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lipgloss, Perfect colour for everyday & goes with any look.
• Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Liner - I use this everyday & keep in My Bag just incase i need to top it up.
• Bourjois Coup de Theatre Mascara - I use this everyday too & keep in My bag just to top it up.
• No7 Eye Base - Its amazing & keeps Your eye look in place & sometimes I use it on my lips if they are looking abit red!
• Loreal Eyeshadow 23 Golden Shimmer - I use this most days & keep again just incase I need to top up.
• Tweezers - Just Incase !

I also Carry My White Iphone 4 in My Bag, It has a Pink bumper on it what My Boyfriend brought Me ♥

Found a pic with My IPhone, Pink bumper & My Fiorelli Bag making an appearance! :)

I also Carry My Gold Aviator Sunglasses in My Bag but they are in My Car at the Moment !

So Thats My Bag... What things do You carry in Your bag?

Thanks for Reading Lovelies

Sarah xx

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