Monday, 12 March 2012

Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Liner FAIL

Morning Lovelies,
Collection 2000's or should I say Collection's Extreme Felt Liner in Black is My Favourite Everyday Liner & seeing You Tube Video's & Blogs saying it stains Your eyes I was like 'Are You Serious!! It doesn't do that to Me!?'.
But and a big BUT I used the Blue Felt Liner on Saturday & The Purple Felt Liner on Sunday & both Night's before bed I wiped My Makeup off and it was still there !!!
Being too tired both night's to continue scrubbing I woke up and the stain was still there, Got another face wipe and It still wouldn't budge !
So after reading blogs & watching You Tube's Thinking You were all crazy!! You were all right... Collection 2000's/Collection's Extreme Felt Liner does stain !!
But thankfully the black one I wear everyday doesn't stain its just the Blue & Purple.
Thought I'd let You all know The Big Fail I found out this Weekend.
Thanks for Reading
Sarah xx
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  1. Oh no! Not tried this before, writing a post on collection products at the minute x

    1. It didn't do it with the black but the blue & purple it did. I'll still use them tho lol xx

  2. My black doesnt and I always use a primer and dont find my purple one to stain, but then I use an eye cleanser to remove my makeup not a wipe :)


    1. Yeh i apply an eye primer & even tried using my no7 cleanser too. It doesn't bother me as i dont wear those colours much. Just thankful my black one doesnt as i wear that everyday xx


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