Thursday, 22 March 2012

Foil Nail Wraps That WONT Break The Bank!

Hi Lovelies, While on this Gaming Website Ordering My Boyfriend some things for his Xbox, I noticed that on They sold Foil Nail Wraps for a Bargain £1.19-£1.29 !!!

The Lovely People at Sent Me 5 Samples to show You all on My Blog :)

These are The 5 Different Designs:

And They have lots more on their website.

I'm going to try these out later Today & will put up a Blog Post of them on My Nails.

Absolute Bargain If You Ask Me, Compaired to some I've seen in Highstreet Shops!!

Thanks For Reading Lovelies.

Sarah xx

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  1. Please check our great „Glamstripes“ NAIL WRAPS and fabulous „LASH EXTENSION POWDER“ too… - Made in Germany!


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