Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fun Ballerina Bun ♥

Hi Lovelies, Today I did this Fun Ballerina Bun as Seen on The Beauty Department Website on My Boyfriends Daughter's Hair.

It Looks really cute & different, but most of all it's super easy to do.

All You need to do for the French Plait at the back is Tip Your Hair upside down & start to French Plait from the base of Your neck, Once You have reached where You'd like your bun to be, secure the plait off with a clear band.

Now Flip Your head back & Brush the rest of your hair including the end of the plait into a high pony.

Tease & Backcomb the Pony a little to give volume, then twist into a bun & secure with kirby grips/bobby pins.

Spray with Hairspray if desired.

I Really Love this Look & If You know how to French Plait/Braid then it will be really simple to do on someone else's hair & i'd say 4/10 on hardness to do on Your own hair.

Hope You Love this Look.

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Sarah xx

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  1. This is soo cute!! I don't think I could do it on myself tho!:(xx

    1. If You can french Plait its not that hard its just having Your head upside down that gets u all confussed !! Lol x

  2. this looks gorgus! love reading ur posts

    Love reading this post, just followed

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    1. I'm following Yours :) will do MAC Giveaway tomorrow need to check out lipstick shade :) & Thankyou for the comment & following xx


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