Friday, 30 March 2012

St. Tropez Gradual Tan Review

Hi Lovelies, Sorry I haven't done much 'Blogging' this week, it's been very busy to the lead up to My Birthday which is Tomorrow :)
Last Friday I tried out a sample of Xen Tan but not having any left I thought I'd maintain it with My St. Tropez Gradual Tan in Medium-Dark.

St. Tropez has been My all-time favourite Tan but now I'm loving the Xen Tan too.

About St. Tropez Gradual Tan

This enriched, nourishing body moisturiser cleverly combines serious skin care benefits with a healthy touch of bronze. Infused with soothing aloe vera, this lotion will help give you smoother, skin while building a gradual golden tan, every day.

My Review

So I applied this Last Night before bed, just like You would any other Moisturiser, Then made sure I gave My hands a good scrub after as You dont want orange palms!

Don't be fooled By this St. Tropez Tan thinking it's only a gradual Tan because I think it's alot darker than Your average gradual Tanner.

So When I woke up This Morning My skin was A lovely golden colour & streak free.

But compaired to the Xen Tan, You could tell it was fake tan as it's more of a Golden bronze colour rather than like then Xen Tan a more Olive Natural tone colour.

The smell is not as nice as the Xen Tan either, Xen Tan has a gorgeous vanilla smell when the St. Tropez has that fake tan biscuit smell.

I do Love St. Tropez but Xen Tan has took over its first Place Position.

I rate this Tan 8.5/10, Its great but after trying Xen Tan it isn't as great as that.

What is Your Favourite Fake Tanning Product?

Thanks for Reading Lovelies, Have a Fab Day.

Sarah xx

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Thanks Again, Sarah xo

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  1. I've never tried this fake tan :) I've got a review on a little tesco cheapy it's great!
    Say hi back? xxxx

    1. Will have to check that out :) xx

  2. I've only tried the Rimmel instant fake tan, this sounds really good! I'm curious to know more about Xen Tan, now following! x

    1. Xen tan is fab :) You must try xx

  3. I haven't tried the St tropez Gradual tan, but I have tried the wash off instant tan and St Tropez self tan tanning mouse. I really loved the mouse! I want to give the Xen Tan a try next.

    1. I did a review on my blog for Xen Tan... Plus if u find & enter my giveaway on my blog you could win some xen tan goodies or sleep in rollers :) x

  4. Thanks for your review, I love this product and its helped me get through the winter in Melbourne looking sunkissed. I havent tried Xen Tan but may give it as whirl little tip found a great store based in Melbourne selling this at great prices they don't have the whole range which is annoying but what they do have is good xx


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