Saturday, 24 March 2012

Velcro Sleep in Rollers Review ♥

Hi Lovelies, Yesterday I Received some Sleep In Rollers from
This Product is HUGE in Liverpool & has been spotted on The Desperate Housewives Cast.

The Product

Inside the Bag it contains 2 packs of 10 rollers (20 in total) and a little bag with some hair grips in.

I really couldn't wait to try these out so when I got in from work at 11.30pm I washed My Hair & extensions, dryed it with the hairdryer and put them in.

They are super easy to put in & I placed all the rollers going back from the front of my head to create volume apart from in my side fringe I put that one going forward.

Then it was Finally Sleep Time !! Zzzzz

So they are called 'sleep in rollers' but I didn't find it all that comfortable; Whether it was because I had packed My hair with rollers I do not know, but I could have done with a little support under My neck as I felt in an uncomfortable position.

So I woke up This Morning, Took the rollers out & the results were Amazing !
I had sexy Big Hair and the only thing extra I had to do was run the straighteners through My fringe because it was a little wild.

I will use these rollers again, and probably try sleeping in them but with less in My Hair next time!

Buy Yours from the Velcro sleep rollers website for £16.50.

Have You tried this Product? What did You think?

Thanks for Reading Lovelies.

Enjoy this Gorgeous Sunny Saturday.

Sarah xx

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  1. Hi Sarah.

    Love your blogs! Just wondering if you used any product on your hair, like hairspray or mousse, before you put the rollers in? I am thinking of getting some myself and like the subtle look they have given.

    Sam. x

    1. I didnt put any hairspray on only my hair extension maintainance spray & all that does is condition them as i didnt want them drying out or getting frizzy.
      Didnt use any product after either, I'm not one for hairspray as i like my hair to flow natural if u understand what i mean lol xx

    2. Ok cool, thanks for the review!

    3. Ok cool, thanks for the review!

  2. Hmmmm I might buy these. whats the difference though from normal velcro rollers?

    Ashton x

    1. You can sleep in them as they are spongy :) x

  3. I like the sound of these, my rollers are hard so I can't sleep in them haha. X

    1. Lol oh dear :( have u entered my giveaway you could win your own x

  4. Great blog hunni, Iv got these and also reviewed them :) I think they are the best invention ever :) Your blog is fab :)

  5. Hiya Sarah My girlfriend wants these for birthday whats the bag like plastic ?

  6. These look great but I really don't think I'd be able to sleep in them! GL x

  7. I was going to buy these, but I was wondering how long did the curl stay in your hair for? Ive got reaaaaally thick long hair, so my heated ones work for about an hour, then I lose any curl I had :(

  8. Your hair looks pretty straight for someone who's slept in rollers all night. I was expecting more curl..


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