Tuesday, 27 March 2012

VOTE VOTE VOTE I'm in the shortlist for Collection 2000's Easter Nail Competition ♥

Hi Lovelies, Just a quick one to Let You all know I've been Picked by the Lovely Collection aka Collection 2000 to be in the Shortlist for their Easter Nails Competition I Entered a few weeks ago.

I would Love it if You 'Like' and 'Share' My Nails on Facebook.
The link is: www.facebook.com/collection2000 Please share with Your Friends & Click 'Like' & 'Share' for Ohh So Glam !
You should be able to Start Voting on Friday 30th March (Day Before My Birthday) :)

Thanks For Reading Lovelies & A HUGEEE Thankyou If You Vote for Me & Share This.

Enjoy This Gorgeous Sunny Day :)

Sarah xx

P.s You Can Follow Me on Twitter & Let Me know if You've Voted... @Sarah22xoxo :) xx

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  1. Such cute nails, will definitely be voting!

    1. Thanks Lovely Voting Starts Friday :) x

  2. I was gonna enter the Collection Comp but never found time to sit and think of a pattern! Good luck Sarah xx

  3. i thought of one straight away so i thought i better hurry up & do it lol x
    thankyou sweetie :)


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