Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How to Dip Dye Your Hair Extensions


Hi Lovelies.
I have the Dip Dye Look on My Hair & the way I achieve this is by Dip Dyeing My Clip in Hair Extensions rather than My own Hair.

My Extensions are from SuperModel Hair & are in Colour P16/22.

So First of all I coloured My Own Hair the same colour that I'm going to use on the top part of My Extensions. I used Loreal Professionnel Dia Richesse in 6 & 6.13, This was from Sally's but If Your unsure about using those Hair Colours a Normal Box Dye will work as good.

Back To The Extensions...

So My Extensions are blonde & we're going to colour from the clip to part way down the hair.

If Your hair extensions are blonde & You want to apply a darker colour onto them I advise putting a golden tone colour onto them rather than a flat colour as You dont want them to look Khaki, Thats why I'm using a 6.13 which is a Dark ash golden Blonde.

So Mix up Your Hair colour (6 & 6.13) in a bowl with a colouring brush & lay down some foil long enough for the hair to sit on.

Then take some colour on your brush and paint it downwards leaving out the ends.
And repeat on all the other pieces of hair.

Check how long Your colour needs to Process, Mine is only 20 Minutes but different hair colours do vary.

Rinse Your Extensions in Warm water, Shampoo & Apply a good Treatment to them.

Rinse again, Towel Dry & Leave to Dry Naturally.
I did apply some Argan Oil to My Wet Extensions & used a hairdryer to dry them for quickness but if Your not in a rush the less heat the better.

Once dry put in Your Clip in Extensions & Style as Desired.

I Curled My Hair with Straighteners :)

I Love the Dip Dye Look & I think it will look fab again this season for Spring/Summer.

Hope this Post helps anyone that wants to Dip Dye their Hair Extensions, If You have any Questions Please ask.

What do You think of the Dip Dye Look?

Thanks for Reading.

Have a Fab Day.

Sarah xx

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  1. Your a clever girl!!!
    Looks lovely hon x

  2. Your hair looks fab! I'm needing to wash my extensions :) just need to find the time ha :) xxxx

    1. Thankyou :) I know it's such a chore washing them lol xx

  3. Been trying to decide whether I should go ombre or not....eeeeek can't decide! I really love what you've done though. Will def use this walk through if I decided to dip dye my extensions :) xxx

  4. Your hair looks so BEAUTIFUL!

    I just wanted to let you know about a feature coming on my blog soon called 'Project Foundation' As a loyal follower I wanted you to be one of the first to hear about it :) Basically, i am getting my readers to choose 4 foundations for me to review. I will blog about this is more detail tomorrow so keep you eyes peeled for a post! In the meantime, if there is a foundation you would like to see me review - just tweet me with the hash tag #projectfoundation and your suggested foundation! Thanks Sarah x

    1. Sounds fab sweet. Will keep a look out today :) xx

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  6. Your hair is looking fab!

    I've been looking at getting dip dyed hair extensions rather than dying them myself, but I don't know if the results will be as good. What do you think? It was these hair extensions on that got me thinking: dip dye

    Kate :) x

    1. Yeh these extensions are fab. But what u need to check is that your own hair matches the top colour on the extensions for a natural look asif you've just coloured the ends of your own hair x

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  8. Love this post, it's really informative. As I'm lazy, I searched for pre dip-dyed extensions on Ebay and I thought I should let you know that someone is using the picture from your blog to advertise their hair extensions. I have a screenshot of this if you want me to email it to you!!!!

    1. Please doll :) my email is in my contact me section at top of blog :) xx

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