Wednesday, 4 April 2012

March Favourites 2012 ♥

Hi Lovelies, April has soon come along & That can only mean one thing; It's time for My Favourites from March 2012.

Xen Tan: Deep Bronze Luxe

I was Sent a Sample of this product & also did a Review of it on My Blog.
During the Spring/Summer Months I love having a tan and have tried out lots of Tan's & Gradual Tan's before, But this Product was the best one I've ever tried.
It gives You a Gorgeous olive-golden Tone natural Tan, Took Me 5-10 Minutes to apply & I had a Streak Free Tan when I woke up the next Morning.
Also it smells devine!!!

Christian Eyebrow Kit

I also did a Review of this Product on My Blog.
Before using this product I had never used an actual Eyebrow product on My Eyebrows, Apart from a Brown Eyeshadow to fill in My Brows.
This is My Favourite, I use it everyday on My Eyebrows & the colour is so natural, It comes with 3 different Eyebrow shape stencils but I don't use them as I'm happy with My own Eyebrow Shape.
It also lasts all day which is great.

Barry M Hologram Hexograms

My Boyfriend brought Me this as one of My Birthday Prezzies, It adds some fun to Your nails and looks perfect ontop of any other nail colour.
Plus You can't complain for a Bargain £2.99!!

Clinique Even Better Foundation

I had a Sample of this Product from Clinique and this is now one of My Favourite Foundations.
It gives a great coverage & Perfect finish to Your skin, Doesn't look cakey on Your skin and also has Long Wear.
I'm going to Purchase this product soon as the Foundation I'm currently using runs out.

Find My Clinique Foundation Review HERE

The Final Product Isn't Beauty Related...

Angry Birds

I also had this for My Birthday as I Love Angry Birds.
It's so fun & You can get all the family envolved as it's a Good old Board Game rather than an App!

So That's My March Favourites.
Not alot to really shout about this Month... Maybe More this Month :)

Thanks For Reading Lovelies.

Sarah xx

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Thanks Everyone :) x

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  1. Your eyebrow kit sounds fab, love your review! I really should start paying mine more attention! x

  2. Aww your Easter nails look beautiful :) I want them!! I will vote :) I also want that shiny polish, £2.99 YAY!!


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