Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New Beauty Products :)

Hi Lovelies,
Today I've Received some Fab Products Thanks to Wizard PR that I'm really looking forward to trying out & reviewing.

Over the next week or so I will be using all these products & will bring to You a full report on what I thought of them.


Weleda Pome-granate Firming Day Cream: The Firming Day Cream with organic pomegranate seed oil and golden millet extract reactivates skin regeneration.
•Reduces Wrinkles
•Antioxidant Cell Protection
•Improves Elasticity

Weleda Pome-granate Firming Face Serum: The Firming Serum with organic pomegranate extract reactivates cell renewal. Intensively moisturising, it strengthens the skin structure and can reduce wrinkles.

Weleda Pome-granate Firming Night Cream: The Fiming Night Cream with organic pomegranate seed oil reactivates the natural regeneration process during the night.
•Reduces Wrinkles
•Aids active cell renewal
•Improves elasticity

Dirty Works Light & Firm Super Skin Serum: Skin firming, skin smoothing and skin brightening ingredients are packed into this super serum- What more could you ask for? This little tube of magic will help to even out surface imperfections and tighten the complexion, leaving skin looking polished and refined. Our unique formulation helps tighten wrinkles and fine lines. Beauty boosters galore, perfection knows no bounds!

Dirty Works Blemish Buster 2-in-1 Scrub & Mask: Do you want brighter, radient, all round brilliant skin? Blast blemishes away with our intense deep cleaning daily scrub to help keep the pesky pimples out of sight! Then when your skin is in need of a jump start, use as a quick pick-me-up face mask to reveal fresher, radient and gorgeously glowing skin.

I'm really Excited to try out all these products... Keep a look out for reviews on each product over the next week :)

Have a fab day.

Sarah xo

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  1. they look great, I've tried some Weleda products which were nice but I've never heard of Dirty Works looking forward to seeing what you think.


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