Friday, 8 June 2012

Dirty Works Good Clean Fun !!! Coconut Caress Products

Hi Lovelies,

The weather in England is now dull and rainy but you can change that by getting these yummy products into your life that will get you dreaming of sipping Pina Coladas on the beach !

Coconut Caress Body Wash: This is a Luxurious creamy body wash that leaves your skin feeling super soft and smelling gorgeous for the rest of the day.
I normally shower of a morning and their is nothing better than washing yourself with something that smells so devine; It really does kick start your day!
This is priced for an amazing £2.99. I normally spend around the £2 mark for a body wash but they don't normally smell as fab as this, and the smell really lasts on your skin.

Coconut Caress Body Butter: All I can say about this product is O M G !! Not only does it really nourish and make your skin super soft but again with the yummy coconut smell you can smell this under your nose all day; and I really do mean all day !
I apply this at around 8am and still at 6pm I can smell it on my skin, and in this horrible rainy weather it really does brighten up your day.
I've also been using this product in my tanning regime and because it's so moisturising it helps maintain your tan plus eliminates any biscuit smell you might still have from your fake tan!
This is priced at a bargain of £4.99 for 300ml but have an offer on at the moment for £2.44 which is even better!!

All of the dirty works Products are available from and are also available from Selected Sainsburys in the UK and also on the Sainsburys Website.

In this range they also do a Coconut Caresse Body Scrub which I think I need to purchase to make this fab duo complete.

Have any of You tried any of the Dirty Works range?

Thanks for Reading

Have a fab Friday.

Sarah xo



  1. I've always wondered where this range was available from as so many people rave about the products and I'd love to try them. Thanks for sharing xx

  2. These look great, i LOVE coconut. Perfect for summer (if we get one lol)

  3. Ooh am interested in trying these now! Might have to go along with my mum to Sainsbury's when she next does the weekly shop!

    Also I just discovered your blog from dizzybrunette3 and I love it! x


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