Saturday, 2 June 2012

Models Own Makeup Accessories

Hi Lovelies,
A few days ago I received some fab products from Models Own...

Models Own Neon Pink Cosmetic Bag: This Gorgeous Bright Pink makeup bag definitely wont go missing in any of your large handbags anytime soon!
It's a flat makeup bag that has lots of room to fit all your makeup needs inside; It also features a tiny mirror connected to it, so just incase you loose your mirror you'll always have one to hand!
I haven't seen this product in any of my local Boots stores yet but you can purchase it from the models own website for £10.

Models Own Pink Vanity Mirror: This Small compact mirror has a regular mirror & one magnified mirror, It is super soft for extra grip plus it won't break if you drop it on the floor.
The only thing i can fault with this mirror is that it doesn't seem to close properly!, I don't know if it's ment to be like this but i hate when your mirror opens up in your bag then ends up getting all fingerprints over it etc & your spending forever cleaning it up before you top up your makeup!
again i haven't seen this product in Boots stores yet but is available on the models own website for £6.

Models Own/WAH Nails Nail Art Pen in Pink: The last product i received is this Models own collaboration with WAH Nails & it's their Pink nail art pen.
I've yet to try this out as I had already painted my nails with my jubilee nails design for the Queen's Jubilee this Weekend, So if any of you have any ideas on what looks i could do with it, or if there is a look you'd like me to create with this nail art pen then please let me know.

The Models Own Makeup Bag & Mirror are also featured on my May Favourites Youtube Video which is also my first EVER video that i have uploaded, so i would love it if you subscribed & commented & also let me know if there are any videos you'd love to see me do.

Thankyou for Reading Lovelies, I hope you like these Models Own Products, They really do Brighten up my Handbag !!

Sarah xo


  1. That compact mirror is cute. To be honest I've not really paid attention to what MO have to offer other than their fab nail varnishes! Would love to see what you get up to with the pink nail art pen :)!

    1. me either plus i've only seen nail varnishes & lipglosses etc in boots nut their website has loads to offer :)

      cant wait to try the pen too, just thinking up of some ideas xx

  2. i bought the white, black and pink nail art pens! havent had a chance to try them out yet though!


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