Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Fabulous Treats for Your Feet!

Hi Lovelies, In the UK right now we should be enjoying the sunshine & be letting our feet see a little daylight for a change; But Summer is never our friend over here & we've got to put up with glorious rain showers instead!

Don't let these rainy days stop you from paying your feet a little attention with these fab footsie treats from Dirty Works.

Smoothing Foot File, Toenail Scissors & Printed Emery Boards

Smoothing Foot File.
This foot file has a rough side for getting rid of hard working rough skin & a smoother side for buffing up & giving a smoother finish.
Once I used this on my feet I then rinsed my feet and applied My favourite dirty works Coconut Body Butter.
My feet not only looked great but smelt delicious too!
This products retails at £5.99 which is about average for a foot file.

Toenail Scissors.
All I can say is O M G where have these scissors been all my life!
When I'm normally cutting my toenails with ordinary scissors I'm struggling with one leg in the air, twisting my leg, getting in awkward positions but these long handled scissors make toenail cutting alot easier!
They are also designed for use on harder toenails too so they cut through those stubborn toenails with ease!
These retail at £5.99 and I love the cute design on them too.

Printed Emery Boards.
These emery boards work great on toes because they are a little bit more Coarser than your average emery board.
They also work great on nails too.
These retail at only £2.49 & you get 3 emery boards with 3 different funky designs.

Also You can get Toenail Clippers in the range too that retail at £2.49 but I'm no good at using nail clippers for some reason so I didn't try these out!

All of these products are available From leading Sainsbury's or from the Dirty Works Website.

Make your feet sparkle this summer!

Thanks for Reading.

Sarah xo

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  1. i'm on the look out for some toe nail scissors, these ones sound great! x


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