Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hello New Hair: Plus Loreal Sublime Mousse Review

Hi Lovelies, If You follow My Twitter or Instagram u'll know all about my new red hair, but I thought i'd blog about it too & give you my thoughts on the colour I used.


Dip Dye Ombre Hair.


Dark Red Hair.

I've had red hair lots of times before & I was going to re-colour my hair brown & blonde dip-dye but soon as I saw this hair colour in the shop I really wanted to be red again.

The Colour & Review:

I used Loreal Sublime Mousse in 565 Hot Brown.
This colour is a similar colour to what Cheryl Cole had a while back; Its a gorgeous deep red colour that covers 100% grey & claims to be as easy to apply as a shampoo.

I've used a few mousse hair colours before but I do advise that if you are going to use this brand of mousse colour on your hair then wear old clothes from top-toe & protect the floor underneath you as this mousse was really messy & on long hair I found it a nightmare to use!
This would probably work great on short hair but as my extensions are really long it kept ending up on the floor & all over my top.

Once washed off the colour turned out great! A little darker than the colour on the box but it was a lovely colour & even covered some of my grey hairs that I have.

It's now been a week since I coloured my hair & the colour has faded quite alot but this is probably because my hair was quite light before.

I'm going to re-colour my hair again with this mousse as I brought one spare for when it faded, but I think next time I won't opt for a mousse & I think i'll go a little bit more red next time!!

So overall this is a good colour for short hair but be warned if you did use it on long hair by the end of it you will look like you've been involved in some sort of Massacre!

What do you think of this colour? Have you tried this product or any other mousse colours before?

Thanks for Reading

Sarah xo

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