Saturday, 29 September 2012


Hi Lovelies,As we speak I'm now making my way to London to meet up with some of the lovely Aussie Girls & Aussie Angels to go have a fab spa day.

What I'm Wearing:
Blazer: Primark
Floral Top: New Look
Jeans: Next
Bag: Fiorelli
Shoes: Zara
Coloured Bracelets: Topshop Donate
Other Bracelet: Present off my little girl

I'm really looking forward to a spa day today and excited to meet some other Aussie Angels.Will be blogging about my time in London over the next few days.

Have a Lovely Weekend

Sarah xo

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Limited Edition GLAMGLOW: Cure Sexy

Hi Lovelies, A special limited edition of the amazing GLAMGLOW is now joining the fight against breast cancer.

I tried out a sample of this mask and it starts to tingle on your skin and once you've washed it off after 10 minutes your skin feels so soft and there's not a dry patch in sight!

This product is suitable for all skin types, all ages and for both women and men.
It tightens, tones and lifts the skin also giving a gorgeous more radiant glow.

This limited edition GLAMGLOW Cure Sexy Mud Mask is £49.99 but 25% of profits will be donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

If you seek high quality ingredients with exceptional results and also donate to a great cause at the same time, then this is for you.

This product is available from or from

For more information about the Pink Ribbon Foundation, Please visit:

Thanks for Reading

Have a fab day

Sarah xo

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Is this the best hair treatment ever? For only 92p? Read On...

Hi Lovelies, Lately My hair and Extensions have been feeling rather dry, matted and lifeless; So last night I thought I'd pop a treatment on to make my hair feel a little better.

I picked up The Organic Root Simulator Replenishing Pak a while ago from Boots for only 92p!
This product is a deep penetrating conditioner which helps restore moisture and rebuild damaged hair.

After Shampooing I applied the whole sachet to the mid-lenghts and ends of hair, Combed through with my fingers then wrapped up in a towel and left it for 30 minutes.

Instantly while running my fingers through my hair I could feel how silky my hair was getting and it also had a nice refreshing citrus smell too.

So after doing nothing for 30mins while the treatment worked it's magic, I gave my hair a good rinse, Left to towel dry for a while then finished off drying with the hair dryer.

All I can say is WOW... I've tried out so many hair treatments from Aussie to Moroccan Oil and this little beauty did an amazing job for only 92p !!
My hair extensions are so silky smooth and not a single sight of frizz!!

This product is aimed at Afro-Caribbean hair, but I recommend using it on hair extensions that are feeling a little dry or frizzy, Overprocessed/Chemically damaged hair and Curly/Frizzy hair.

I will probably use this treatment once a month on my hair, and for 92p per month you really can't complain!!

I purchased my product from boots, but I'm sure you can purchase in other stores too.

Have you tried this product?

Thanks for Reading

Sarah xo

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

100 Ways for Every Girl to Look & Feel Fantastic

Hi Lovelies,

Today I'm not blogging about a beauty product but about an amazing book by award winning-beauty journalist Alice Hart-Davis, Along with her Daughter Beth they have both created this fab book with 100 top tips for teens on how to manage their appearance and look after themselves.

Many teenagers are left bewildered an misinformed about how they should look, Especially in this ''celebrity'' world where if your not a size 0 with no cellulite and a completely flawless look magazines and newspapers soon slate you!
I'm not saying I dislike magazines or newspapers but in this world that teenagers are growing up in nowadays they have this perception on how you should look and how you shouldn't but this book helps teens imbrace what they've got, manage their appearance and how to look after themselves.

All 100 Tips in the book are fantastic, but I thought I would just list a few of my favourites just to give you a taster!!

Choose the right foundation:

Choosing the right foundation can be so hard when your a teenager, When I was younger I could never work out what shade to get or what type of foundation; but this part of the book tells you how to test out the foundation and also includes a table on the different types of foundations you can get and what their pros & cons are.

Learn new looks with eyeliner:

I love eyeliner so this was my most favourite part!
Using eyeliner you can create some amazing and different looks, and this part shows you 13 different eyeliner looks and also gives you some top tips for applying eyeliner.

Try your hand at nail design:

I think nails tell alot about you, and this part gives you some idea's with 8 different eye-catching looks from WAH Nails.
I'm not saying everyday you should have different nail art on your nails, but somedays it's just nice to have something a little different and a little WOW!

Get smooth:

When your younger I think sometimes your a little embarressed to talk about unwanted hair, and this part tells you about all the different ways you can be hair free with the pros & cons of each one.

Remember it's beauty on the inside that counts & don't follow the herd:

I love these 2 quotes, they really are true because it's who you are on the inside that really matters, you can put so much makeup on to make you look completely different but don't act different, still act yourself... And don't follow the herd, It's good to follow fashion but put your own edge on it!

This Paperback is £9.99 from all good book retailers.... and I think it's a fab little bible for teenagers to keep going back to for little tips on anything they are unsure about or want to achieve.

I wish they had a book like this when I was younger!!

Thanks for Reading, And if you have read this book then let me know what you think.

Sarah xo

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

NOTD: Touch of Pink

Hi Lovelies

Today I thought I'd show you my NOTD. I had to remove my Jessica GELeration nail colour yesterday as I chipped one nail really bad, and I was so peeved that I had to remove it all as I really loved the colour and it would of really lasted for ages if I didn't chip my one nails! :(

On my nails today I've used Revlon Colorstay 060 Café Pink & Models Own Hed Kandi Disco Heaven on the ends of my nails.

I love the baby pink colour and the gold glitter on the ends just glam's it up a little.

What do you think of this look?

As I've been really quiet lately I have a huge list of blog posts to do and video's on Youtube soon as I can get back on there (my camera just isn't up to standard!).

Thanks for Reading, Have a Fab Day.

Sarah xo

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell: Bee Sting Kit

Hi Lovelies,

Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather we are getting in the UK over the last few days, Today I'm blogging about The fabulous Bee Sting Kit* from Heaven by Deborah Mitchell.
All of her products are organic and with her years of experience as a hands on therapist she has developed a completely unique approach to looking after the skin, Also she is very popular with a number of celebrities that love Heaven including Dannii Minogue, Michelle Pfeiffer, Katie Price and Victoria Beckham.

Bee Sting Kit.

The Bee Sting Kit is a fabulous kit that contains everything you need to treat your skin to a DIY luxury facial with amazing salon results. This kit is perfect for me because I really do enjoy having a nice relaxing facial in the salon but after having a facial I love to keep my face makeup free and most of the times after having a facial in the salon I find myself having to apply my makeup because of going places etc (busy lifestyle!) when with this kit you can do it in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

The products in the kit have been designed to work together to plump out fine lines, hydrate and rejuvenate your complexion.

The Bee Stink Kit Contains:

25ml Limited Edition Cleansing Milk
Originally this cleanser was made for one of her clients when she had hormonal problems. It was supposed to be a limited edition but everyone loved it so much she had to make more!

25ml Skin Polish Exfoliator
A non-abrasive intense exfoliator reduces the signs of ageing. Contains Aloe Vera. This light refreshing clear gel contains fruit acid and Echinacea to gently extract toxins without harming the outer layer of the skin.

25ml Orange Flower Cell Renewal
This beautifully scented toner rejuvenates and heals tissue. It contains an ingredient that regenerates cells which is used in hospitals for the repair of scar tissue. It contains a very mild AHA which helps dissolve old cells on the surface. From the age of about 26 cell renewal begins to slow down, so a toner which is an anti-ageing treatment is very special.

15ml Age Defiance
This is a light-weight moisturiser will help the skin to repair itself from damage caused by pollutants in the environment, The added ingredient of Tea Tree oil will also help to reduce scar formation, calm rosacia and restore balance within the skin.

15ml Divine Cream

Divine Cream is a must to increase collagen & elastine, use as a mask 3 times a week can be used on the neck and bust area as an all round body moisturiser, contains Manderine and Orange essential oils.

30ml SOS Oil
This Precious new anti ageing oil will compliment other products from the Heaven Health & Beauty range.
A few drops can solve all your needs, this product creates a whole new experience to your skincare regime , as it feeds and nourishes the skin, nails will become stronger, dry hair will appear silky, also helps repair dry and cracked areas, reduces skin blemishes and removes blackheads, contains Organic Calendula Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Beta Carotene this is being hailed as the equivalent to Liquid Gold.

15ml Bee Venom Mask
A natural alternative to botox which has been specially created using natural and organic ingredients, combined to work in synergy for an instant anti-ageing effect.
Bee Venom Mask also contains ingredients of softening and calming Shea Butter, Rose and Lavender essential oils - leaving you looking your youthful best.

15ml Bee Venom Eyes
A natural alternative to botox and the first product of its kind, It combats the signs of ageing with particular focus on the eyes. It also contains softening and calming Shea Butter, Rose and Lavender essential oils and River Silt to feed the tissue, firming and tightening the skin, for an instant anti-ageing and rejuvenating effect.

Also the packaging is fantastic, All the products came in a lovely zip up bag and are all individually wrapped and boxed up inside which is lovely to see when buying such an expensive high end product; Also all of the products are made from glass rather than plastic which I also prefer when buying an expensive product.

Inside your bag you will get a little guide on how to use your products and give yourself a DIY facial, which was good for me as I didn't really know what to do with each product but this made it really easy.


All of the products can be used seperately for a daily skincare routine but all work together fantastic to give an amazing facial.

After treating myself to a facial using all of these products today my skin just feels so soft and plump, my complexion has toned down too because I tend to get a few red blotches to my face but there's not any in sight and goodbye to my dry skin patches!

My first favourite product of all in the kit is the SOS Oil as it can be used daily in your moisturiser if your skin is feeling rather dry, I also added a little to my lips with a tiny bit of the Bee Sting Mask as my lips were feeling rather dry, and it has helped make a huge difference.

My second favourite product is The Divine Cream, It not only makes my skin feel really plump and moisturised without being greasy, It also smells just like a bar of Galaxy Orange & Shortcake, which might sound rather random!

All of the products are amazing in their own way, and if you are a loyal reader to my blog, you'll know I have very sensitive eyes and nothing in this kit irritated them at all (yay)!

This kit is £190 from and if you are not from the UK, Check out the Distributors page on the website and you should be able to find where you can purchase the amazing Heaven Products from.

Plus you might think £190 is expensive but Deborah's range of products are very high end and contain all-natural organic ingredients, Plus the kit really will last you a while as a little really does go a long way.

Also do check out all of the other Heaven Products as she has a wide range of products that suit everyone.

Have any of you tried any of the Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Products or been to her salon in Shifnal?

Plus let me know if you do try any of her other products and how you get on with them.

Thankyou for Reading

Sarah xo

Disclaimer: I was sent this amazing product as a PR Sample and the company mentioned is not paying me or asking me to do this blog post. As always, all thoughts are my own. Thankyou x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Jessica GELeration Nails at Heaven by Deborah Mitchell

Hi Lovelies, Yesterday I had a lovely pamper day with my Auntie at Heaven by Deborah Mitchell in Shifnal (Telford, West Midlands).

It's a beautiful little salon where the staff are so friendly and it has a lovely calm atmosphere.

My Auntie had a Shellac Pedicure and I had a Jessica GELeration Manicure, Jessica is one of my favourite Nail Brands and I think they have more of a bigger range of colours compared to Shellac.

While enjoying my manicure I was also brought a little plate of fruit with a Macaron, Which I think little touches like that add to the experience and make you feel really pampered.

So back to my manicure, I had a bright orange colour with a little gold glitter on my ring finger.

I'm not too sure on the colour names, or if they even have any but if you like the colours your beautician should be able to find that one out for you.

These nails should last for up to 14 days and I'm booked in again in a few weeks for another GELeration manicure as I loved it so much.
Plus I've seen some other Shellac and GELeration manicures before that look really thick on the nail, but this just looks like a normal nail varnish only a very tiny bit thicker.

Also it only cost £25 for my GELeration manicure which is a little cheaper than Shellac but around the same price as you would pay for a normal manicure, So you might aswell opt for a GELeration Manicure rather than a normal nail varnish manicure because atleast then your nail varnish will last a little longer.

I had a fabulous time at Heaven and Highly recommend it to anyone that's thinking of going there.

Hope you've all had a fab weekend & enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Sarah xo

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