Thursday, 13 September 2012

100 Ways for Every Girl to Look & Feel Fantastic

Hi Lovelies,

Today I'm not blogging about a beauty product but about an amazing book by award winning-beauty journalist Alice Hart-Davis, Along with her Daughter Beth they have both created this fab book with 100 top tips for teens on how to manage their appearance and look after themselves.

Many teenagers are left bewildered an misinformed about how they should look, Especially in this ''celebrity'' world where if your not a size 0 with no cellulite and a completely flawless look magazines and newspapers soon slate you!
I'm not saying I dislike magazines or newspapers but in this world that teenagers are growing up in nowadays they have this perception on how you should look and how you shouldn't but this book helps teens imbrace what they've got, manage their appearance and how to look after themselves.

All 100 Tips in the book are fantastic, but I thought I would just list a few of my favourites just to give you a taster!!

Choose the right foundation:

Choosing the right foundation can be so hard when your a teenager, When I was younger I could never work out what shade to get or what type of foundation; but this part of the book tells you how to test out the foundation and also includes a table on the different types of foundations you can get and what their pros & cons are.

Learn new looks with eyeliner:

I love eyeliner so this was my most favourite part!
Using eyeliner you can create some amazing and different looks, and this part shows you 13 different eyeliner looks and also gives you some top tips for applying eyeliner.

Try your hand at nail design:

I think nails tell alot about you, and this part gives you some idea's with 8 different eye-catching looks from WAH Nails.
I'm not saying everyday you should have different nail art on your nails, but somedays it's just nice to have something a little different and a little WOW!

Get smooth:

When your younger I think sometimes your a little embarressed to talk about unwanted hair, and this part tells you about all the different ways you can be hair free with the pros & cons of each one.

Remember it's beauty on the inside that counts & don't follow the herd:

I love these 2 quotes, they really are true because it's who you are on the inside that really matters, you can put so much makeup on to make you look completely different but don't act different, still act yourself... And don't follow the herd, It's good to follow fashion but put your own edge on it!

This Paperback is £9.99 from all good book retailers.... and I think it's a fab little bible for teenagers to keep going back to for little tips on anything they are unsure about or want to achieve.

I wish they had a book like this when I was younger!!

Thanks for Reading, And if you have read this book then let me know what you think.

Sarah xo

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