Thursday, 20 September 2012

Is this the best hair treatment ever? For only 92p? Read On...

Hi Lovelies, Lately My hair and Extensions have been feeling rather dry, matted and lifeless; So last night I thought I'd pop a treatment on to make my hair feel a little better.

I picked up The Organic Root Simulator Replenishing Pak a while ago from Boots for only 92p!
This product is a deep penetrating conditioner which helps restore moisture and rebuild damaged hair.

After Shampooing I applied the whole sachet to the mid-lenghts and ends of hair, Combed through with my fingers then wrapped up in a towel and left it for 30 minutes.

Instantly while running my fingers through my hair I could feel how silky my hair was getting and it also had a nice refreshing citrus smell too.

So after doing nothing for 30mins while the treatment worked it's magic, I gave my hair a good rinse, Left to towel dry for a while then finished off drying with the hair dryer.

All I can say is WOW... I've tried out so many hair treatments from Aussie to Moroccan Oil and this little beauty did an amazing job for only 92p !!
My hair extensions are so silky smooth and not a single sight of frizz!!

This product is aimed at Afro-Caribbean hair, but I recommend using it on hair extensions that are feeling a little dry or frizzy, Overprocessed/Chemically damaged hair and Curly/Frizzy hair.

I will probably use this treatment once a month on my hair, and for 92p per month you really can't complain!!

I purchased my product from boots, but I'm sure you can purchase in other stores too.

Have you tried this product?

Thanks for Reading

Sarah xo

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  1. Wow I can't wait to try this! Even though my hair is short it always feels in bad condition. Definitely going to invest :)) Thank you!

    Love your blog too, followed you!

    Terri xo

  2. I use this on my natural hair and its great!
    Love your blog gurl!
    Adija.K xxx


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