Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Nails

Hi Lovelies,

This weekend has gone so quick but tonight I'm off Iceskating and for some food with my boyfriend (who said the weekend was over!).

I've quickly painted my nails with one of the new Models Own Glitterball nail varnishes that I mentioned in my lastest Haul Blog Post.

Products Used:
• Collection Hot Looks Midnight
• Models Own Glitterball Dancing Queen

As it's getting near to Halloween I thought I'd do my nails a darker colour.
The Collection Midnight is a really dark blue/black.
I'm really loving the new Models Own Glitterball varnish as it has larger chunks of glitter too and gives a gorgeous glitter mosaic effect.

Have you tried out the new Models Own Glitterball range? and are you doing anything fun for Halloween?

Don't forget to enter my Dirty Works GIVEAWAY that ends midnight on Halloween!

Have a lovely Sunday.

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

TAG: Why Do You Wear Makeup?!

Hi Lovelies,

After reading through Miss Sunshine and Sparkle aka Danielle's Blog yesterday, I read through her TAG post on Why do you wear makeup and instantly I wanted to do this TAG post as 1. I love doing TAG blog posts and 2. I L O V E Makeup!!

When did you begin to love makeup?

Ever since I was about 3 years old I've loved makeup, My 4 year old has even taken after me with this as she is forever using my blusher brush and wearing my lipgloss!
I remember sitting on my Moms dressing table when I was about 4-5 years old before school and getting her lipstick and putting it all on my face! Obviously I got a huge telling off, Then when I was about 10 I found a foundation sample in a magazine and put it on but didn't blend it down my neck, so when my Mom ask's me "are you wearing makeup" and I say no, she soon said ''well if your going to act like your not wearing any makeup then blend it down your neck next time!!!''.

But the first time I really began to love makeup in a serious way was when I was about 14, I remember going shopping with my friends of a weekend and buying makeup, then every Friday there was an under 18's night at a club in town, so we used to take it in turns each week getting ready at different friends houses and Every week I used to always wear a different eye-makeup look.
I did go through a faze at school of wearing pink and blue on my eyes and lots of black eyeliner on my waterline, Hence why I never wear eyeliner on my waterline any more!! (I was a little chavacious at school).

How do you feel without makeup?

One word... Vile! Some girls can happily go about with their day to day life not wearing makeup but not me!
My Boyfriend always say how pretty I look without makeup but I feel naked without my makeup on, I can happily sit at home of a nighttime without my makeup on but during the day it is a must have for me!

Without my Foundation I feel like my skin is pale and blotchy and without my Winged Liner and Mascara I feel like my eyes are sinking into my head!
Some girls will probably think OMG but life is about being comfortable and confident and without my makeup on I don't feel like me at all !!

What do you like about makeup?

Makeup is Amazing because you can achieve so many different looks and also enhance your natural beauty.
There's nothing better than experimenting with different makeup looks, copying different celebrity makeup looks and trying out new makeup ranges/products.
There are so many different looks you can achieve with makeup wether it's a smokey eye, nude lip or even a bright red lip, Makeup is just another accessory to complete your whole 'look'.

Three 'Holy Grail' items?

Foundation: I don't have one foundation that I stick too, but I can't live without my foundation.
My 5 Favourite foundations that I love using are Clinique Even Better, YSL Touché Éclat Foundation, Bourjois Healthy Mix, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and Revlon Colorstay.
Rimmel Gel Liner: I always used to use felt liner but I'm really loving Gel Eyeliner at the moment as it's so easy to use and it lasts for ages.
I think I've had my Rimmel Gel Eyeliner for a few months now and their is still half a pot left and I use it everyday.
Also I couldn't be without wearing my daily winged eyeliner as it really frames my small eyes and makes them stand out.
Lipgloss: I swear I have a huge OCD with Lipgloss, On the counter at work I always have my lipgloss and mirror at the ready and I'm constantly applying it!
I don't have one lipgloss or lipstick that I stick to, but I'm currently using Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake.

Thank You for reading all my TAG answers and if you decide to answer the questions on you blog then let me know or let me know I'm the comments what your answers would be.

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Elemis Fresh Skin: Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash

Hi Lovelies,

Incase you don't know, Leading luxury Skincare Brand Elemis have a range called Elemis Freshskin which is aimed at the 16-24 age group.
I'm feeling rather old though when I hear that; as I'm 24 does that mean I'm getting old?? Lol

The Elemis Freshskin Range consists of products designed especially for teens to twenties, The range is also cheaper than usual Elemis products but a little bit more than your local high-street/drugstore, but looking after your skin should be a top priority, so paying that extra couple of pounds can benefit you more in the long run!
Each product is formulated with active raw ingredients, such as elderflower, rosehip seed oil, apple, blackcurrant, goji berry, geranium combined with skin kind bases specially chosen for their ability to help cleanse, exfoliate, prevent damage, moisturise and boost skin's elasticity to keep it youthful for longer.

Freshskin lifestyle rules:
Feed your skin
Rremember to breathe
Eat healthy
Speep well
Have a break
Spend time on you
Keep cleansing
Invest in your skin
Never get lazy!... Exercise

Elemis Freshskin Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash*

With it's hydrating chicory extract, conditioning elderflower extract and skin awaking lemon, this face wash leaves the complexion beautifully soft and glowing, plus it's suitable for all skin types.

I've tried this product out over the last 5 days, of a night time after taking my makeup off with a face wipe and of a morning to wake me up.
It's really simple to use just massage into wet skin, then I washed it off using cotton wool then pat my skin dry with a face cloth.
It left my skin feeling super soft and smooth without leaving any residue on the skin and without leaving it feeling de-hydrated as I have found with a few face washes/cleansers before.

I've noticed online some people mention that the product range is quite expensive for your average young girl, but when I was 17 and really started getting into Skincare I used to use No7 soft and soothed gentle cleanser which costs £8 from boots when this Freshskin gentle face wash costs £12 from the Timetospa website, but the no7 product used to make my skin feel really de-hydrated after use so I stopped using it after a while and if this product range would have been out then, I would have soon paid the £4 extra for a luxury product brand especially designed for young skin.

So if you're in your teen's to twenties I really recommend you try out some of the Elemis Freshskin range, They also have makeup wipes (£6), exfoliating face wash (£12), Day and night moisturiser (£20-£22), Loving lips quenching lip balm (£8) and a face mask duo which I will be trying out this weekend and reviewing on my blog for you.

Also Essie have brought out a nail colour designed exclusively to the Timetospa website, The gorgeous shade is based on Elemis' Freshskin range.

Have you tried any of the Elemis Freshskin range? Do you have any other favourite Elemis products?

Thanks for Reading... Remember to enter my GIVEAWAY which ends in less than a week plus keep a look out for my Freshskin post coming soon on their face mask duo.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Boots Haul: Thanks to Aussie!

Hi Lovelies, Hope you are all having a lovely week so far even-though it's so dull and gloomy outside!
A few weeks ago after being invited to London for the day with Aussie and the other Aussie Angels, we were all asked to work in groups of 3 to come up with 3 great blog posts about Aussie's newest miracle... Miracle Shine!
I worked with Lauren and Danielle to create our Awesome blog posts about the new Aussie range... And guess what... WE WON!!!
Our prizes were a £60 Voucher at a Hairdressers local to us but the lovely Aussie sent me a Boots voucher* as I'm a Hairdresser myself and do my own hair!

So Today I thought I'd show you all what I purchased with my winning voucher.

Remington Pearl Pro Curl.

For Ages I've really wanted to get a curling wand as I wear my hair curly everyday but I'm getting bored of the look that my hair straighteners give so I got this because it gives more of a natural, curly, glamorous look.

The barrel is 32mm with a 30 second fast heat up of up to 210 degrees Celsius, It has a 3 meter swivel cord which makes styling even easier because there's nothing worse than having a short cord to try and curl your hair with!
It also comes with a heat proof pouch and a protection glove to protect your hand while curling your hair around the wand.
This curling wand leaves me with gorgeous curls that last all day and it takes me maximum 10 minutes to style my hair of a morning!

A full tutorial and full review will be on my blog soon.

In Boots, they had 3 for 2 on selected Makeup, Cosmetics and Skincare, So I chose these 3 products.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation: I'm a huge fan of Revlon Foundation and I'm currently using Revlon's Photo-ready Foundation but thought I'd get the Colorstay as it's an amazing foundation that lasts all day.
There's nothing worse than foundation gradually going patchy on your skin as the day goes by, but with Revlon Colorstay this doesn't happen.
You can get the Revlon Colorstay foundation for Combination/Oily Skin or Normal/Dry Skin which is the one that I've got.
My Foundation is in the colour Fresh Beige which matches my skin tone perfect, it also leaves my skin looking fresh, flawless and most of all, Awake!!

Models Own Mirrorball Dancing Queen and Disco Mix: Models Own is one of my favourite brands of Nail Varnish, They have a huge range of colours and there glitter nail varnishes are amazing... And come on girls, who doesn't love a bit of glitter!!
The Mirrorball Dancing Queen has gorgeous speckles of green, blue and gold and the Disco Mix is a gorgeous mix of blue and purple glitter.

I will do nail tutorials/nail looks with these two nail varnishes soon.

Lee Stafford Hair Products:

Getting a Boots voucher from Aussie I could have gone & brought lots of Aussie Products but I already have most of the Aussie Range!

Lee Stafford is another favourite hair care brand of mine as they smell lush!

Lee Stafford POKeR Straight Dehumidifier: After styling my hair, as soon as I step into the vile weather outside my hair and hair extensions soon start to frizz but this stops that.
It's great to put on before you go outside and to put on through-out the day if you feel you Hair is getting frizzy or if you want to add a little scent to your hair because this smells amazing!

Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Mist: When styling your hair you should ALWAYS use a heat protector!! I always buy lots of different heat protectors just so I don't run out, and using heat protector on my hair everyday it's nice to have a few so I'm not using the same one everyday and I can have a change!
This one is great because of the smell again!

Loreal Féria color 3D in P67 Scarlet Power:

So from my first photo your probably thinking "why the hell have you got 3 boxes of hair colour!?" We'll I'm due to re-colour my own hair and I have some new hair extensions to colour too so all 3 boxes are for that!!
I normally only need 2 boxes of hair colour for my hair and hair extensions but I always buy one extra just incase!
The last colour I used on my hair was the Loreal Féria Color 3D in P37 Plum Power, but looking through my pictures the other day I found a photo of how red I used to have my hair a few years ago which back then I used the P67 which I have no re-purchaced.

I will also be posting a blog soon with my new hair colour and new hair extensions.

So that's my Boots Haul with all the items I purchased with my Boots voucher* from Aussie.

More in-depth reviews and Any tutorials will be coming soon.

Have you tried any of the items mentioned on my blog and if you got a £60 Boots voucher what would you spend it on?

Also don't forget to enter my Blog giveaway that ends 31st October 2012.

Thank you for Reading, Love your Aussie Angel...

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*DISCLAIMER: All items were purchased with a Boots Voucher that I received from Aussie for winning their Aussie Shine competition.


Sunday, 21 October 2012

NOTD: Jessica GELeration Nails at Heaven

Hi Lovelies,
Yesterday Me and My Auntie took my Nan to Heaven in Shifnal for her 73rd Birthday.
We have been to Heaven before and I blogged about my last GELeration Manicure I had there last time.
As it was my Nan's birthday we were all greeted with a glass of Champagne (which my Nan was happy about) and later we had a little plate of Smoked Salmon and some fresh fruit, which simple things like that make the time there extra special.

My Auntie had a Shellac Manicure and me & my Nan had a Jessica GELeration Manicure.

I'm really loving pale pink nails at the moment, So I had the colour Bubblegum on my nails with one of the glitter Jessica GELeration nail varnishes on my Ring Finger.
Maybe on my next Manicure I might opt for more of an 'Autumn' colour!
We had a lovely time at Heaven and all love our nails.
Have u had a Jessica GELeration manicure before or visited Heaven in Shifnal?
Also check out my Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Bee sting Kit Review.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Favourites Looks for A/W 2012

Hi Lovelies,

It's a Dull gloomy day today and I've got to stay in 9 till 6 to wait for my new Sette to turn up... So while sipping a mug of hot chocolate and munching on a Philly Bagel, I thought I'd put together some of My Favourite Looks for A/W 2012.

As soon as I spotted Owl Tshirts on the Burberry catwalk I fell in love! I've teamed this owl top with a black skirt, added glam and warmth with a cute studded cardigan then more added warmth with a pair of black tights and cute gold studded slippers.
This is a simple but cute day look wether your shopping or just running errands you will look bang on trend but warm and comfy at the same time.

This outfit is quite casual again, I'm loving these Topshop boots as they look great with skinny jeans or tights, but I've teamed them with skinny jeans, a gorgeous floral top and this gorgeous Fallaway Biker Jacket from River Island which is so gorgeous with it's layers and will keep you snug as a bug in the winter months.

As this is for Autumn/Winter and the dreaded 'C' word will be making an appearance in December I thought I'd do a going out outfit.
I love this dress from Topshop, It's Velvet which is also on trend this A/W, I'm not a huge lover of Velvet but i'd put up with it because this dress is so stunning.
I've teamed it up with a pair of black tights (gotta keep those pin's warm), A clutch bag and some stunning black shoes with gold detail for added glam.

It's abit unusual for me to do a fashion post, as it's mainly beauty, but I hope you've enjoyed me sharing my A/W Favourite looks for 2012.

Hope you are all having a Lovely week...


Monday, 15 October 2012

Batiste Vibrant & Red

Hi Lovelies, Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

I had a lovely walk over Baggeridge Park on Saturday followed by watching The Xfactor, Then last night I had a meal with my Boyfriend where we spotted Liam from One Direction sitting behind us (sorry no pic lol) Then we watched Taken 2 which was Amazing!!

I'm a HUGE lover of Dry Shampoo, I wash my hair every-other day and there is nothing better than a dry shampoo that keeps your hair looking clean inbetween washes, but when it's the same colour as your hair and keeps it looking fresh and vibrant this is an even better invention!

Batiste is one of the best brands of Dry Shampoo but I must say after trying the Vibrant & Red, There's no going back to the original type of Batiste Dry Shampoo for me!
When using the Original Batiste Dry Shampoo's on my Red coloured hair before, They made my hair look really dull and faded, but this red one is a perfect colour and you can't tell even before it's brushed out that I have put any Dry Shampoo in my hair.

I have nothing else to say about this product except if you have Red Hair buy this dry shampoo as it's one of the best ones I've used on my Red Hair and I will be stocking up on this product as it's now one of my favourites!

Don't forget... To enter my Giveaway to win some amazing Dirty Works Products!!

That was a short post...

Enjoy your Monday.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Brush It Real Good !

Hi Lovelies,

Sorry I've been quiet again over the past week, I've been busy decorating my Living Room with my Boyfriend and now it's nearly finished, just waiting on the odd thing or two! :)

A few weeks ago my favourite Denman D3 Hair Brush broke and I was so gutted because it is one of my all-time favourite Hair Brushes.
Needing to purchase a new Hair Brush I thought I'd try out a different Denman Hair Brush, and this was The Denman D90 Tangle Tamer in Pink.

The Denman D90 Tangle Tamer has super-soft nylon bristles that gently glide through the hair removing tangles.
The Air-cushioned pad follows the contour of the head for smooth, damage-free grooming.

This Hair Brush works wonders on my hair, and as my Hair Extensions are due for some new ones it really does help to de-tangle them without causing any damage and even if I brush my hair through after I have curled it, it doesn't brush out the style, it just gives a softer more smoother look.
Also the Bright Pink colour means that you also wont loose it at the bottom of your handbag!

Denman has been one of my Favourite Hair Brush brand's for a long time.
If you're new to denman Brushes I recommend the Denman D3 as it's a great all-round brush and also makes back-combing your hair as easy as pie! The Denman Tangle Tamer is also a great all-round brush too but not as good as back-combing as the D3.

I love my Tangle Tamer, and I highly reccomend it if you do wear Hair Extensions as it brushes through them with ease without causing any damage to them.

Do you have a favourite Denman Brush?

Thanks for Reading Lovelies, and don't forget to enter my Giveaway if you haven't already entered.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Beam, Gleam, Shine like a Dream with Aussie Miracle Shine

"There's more to life than Hair but it's a good place to start" The Aussie Philosophy.

Hi Lovelies,

Myself, Danielle and Lauren all attended an amazing Pamper Day with Aussie and some of the Aussie Angels on Saturday, At the end we were all given a surprise announcement that Aussie were bringing out a new product range and this is the Miracle Shine Range.

The Aussie Miracle Shine Range is for dull, tired hair that is begging to shine.
It's special formula 'claims' to help revitalize tired, dull hair leaving it sesationally vibrant and shiny.
The range consists of a Shampoo, Conditioner and the amazing 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment.

The Three of us have all been asked to work as a team to try out this product and hopefully if our blog posts are the best we will win another Pamper Day with Aussie, and who wouldn't want to win an amazing day with Aussie as our Pamper Day on Saturday was so delightful and a pleasure to attend.

My Hair:


 (no face in these photo's as too early!!)


There's nothing more exciting than Aussie bringing out a new product range, but what better than a shine range so we can all have luscious gleaming hair like a celebrity.
Normally I wouldn't opt to buy a 'shine' shampoo or conditioner as they tend to make my hair look greasy, but this Aussie range gives your hair a natural healthy looking shine, it also make it feel lovely and soft and being as my hair is due to be re-coloured it really made my hair look more vibrant.

As I wear Micro-Bead Hair Extensions, to test out this product I used the Miracle Shine Shampoo and the 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment, as when I wash my Hair Extensions I like to put a treatment on them to help maintain their condition.
When I use any of the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Treatments I always leave it on for about 10 Minutes with my hair wrapped in a towel, even though it does only take 1-3 Minutes, I like to give my Hair Extensions that little bit longer for more of a deep condition.

The smell of the product is so devine, I have been trying to figure for days what sweet it smells like and I've finally figured while writing this that it smells just like Strawberry Hubba Bubba!!
On my photo's above you will see how my Hair Extensions went from looking Dry, Unmanageable and Dull..... To looking Vibrant and Soft with a Healthy looking Shine.
I didn't use any other products on my hair while styling, only the Aussie Take the Heat Leave-in Spray.

This product range is now one of my favourites...
Thankyou Aussie for bringing us another amazing little miracle!


So after trying and testing the products in the new shine range, the first word that comes to mind is WOW! I am in love with the way my hair looked afterwards as it was full of shine and there really was a noticeable difference in how glossy my hair looked. Before washing my hair, the ends felt a little rough and dry and I'm sure you will agree it wasn't looking too grand. However after using it, my hair looked healthy and shiny, so much so it was gleaming!

Having hair which is on the thinner side, I usually find that hair care products which are there to add shine, can often make my hair feel and look a bit greasy; but the Aussie Shine Range only made my hair feel soft and luxurious. I'm positive that this is because of the magic pearl powder which has been used and lets face it every girl should have some pearls that shine and what better way to wear them than in your hair!

Not only will the shine range give your hair a needed pick me up and add lots of volume, it will also give you plenty of reasons or excuses to swish your hair repeatedly (you really do feel like a glamorous celebrity!). The shine range will definitely give you the confidence for that much needed hair swishing, but the main reason for a hair swish is that the smell of this range is simply good enough to eat! When most people think of Aussie they usually think of the classic Aussie bubblegum smell... Well Aussie have really taken yummy scents to a whole new level as the shine range has to be there best smelling range yet! It has the most gorgeous cotton candy smell to it with the peach and strawberry smell really coming to the forefront. I love that you can smell this on your hair all day... So I swish my hair just to get a whiff of it!

I am in love with the new Shine Range and I'm sure any Aussie fan will soon agree, it is like a little bit of heaven in a bottle and will make your locks just dreamy!


The clue's in the title; it's certainly a miracle worker. After having my hair chemically stripped at the hairdressers earlier this year, my barnet's been suffering somewhat as a result. It's been dry, tangly and generally in need of some TLC.

Cue Aussie's Miracle in a bottle - offering manageable hair that's easy to comb through, ample volume and SO.MUCH.SHINE.

Plus, it smells beautiful - just like candy floss and almost good enough to eat.
An Ode to Aussie Miracle Shine by Lauren.

It's spangly, it's shiny
It smells like cotton candy

A wonder, a dream
It makes our locks so clean

An elixir, a hair potion
A luxuriously-fragrant lotion

It sparkles, it gleams
From behind the shower screen

With Aussie ginseng, pearl powder, too
There's nothing better to perfect that hair do

A treat for the bath or shower, stunningly sublime
Drum roll please... it's Aussie's magnificent Miracle Shine!
After the 3 of us all trying out this Wonderful Aussie Miracle Shine... I think we can all say how much we love the Aussie Shine and the Yummy Smell of this Miracle in a Bottle.

This Product Range should be available in stores soon... Go out and try it because this bottle of shine is a must have!

I have had so much fun coming up with this blog post with Danielle and Lauren, I think we have worked great as a team to put all our thoughts together and who better to win another pamper day with than these two girlies! :)

Thankyou for Reading, Hope you all have a Fabulous Day filled with Shine!!


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Daniel Sandler Super Gloss

Hi Lovelies, Today I'm reviewing a Pretty Pink Daniel Sandler Super Gloss in Super Charming*.
I'm a HUGE lover of Lipgloss, I swear I have an OCD with lipgloss because I'm constantly applying it to my lips!

This Daniel Sandler Super Gloss gives a gorgeous wet-look shine with a transparent pink colour which also has tiny bits of gold glitter in to give a gorgeous shimmer.
It also makes my lips feel super moisturised while I'm wearing it and it smells like strawberry split ice lollies!

Sometimes I wear this lipgloss on it's own during the day or with a pink lipstick underneath of a night.

This lipgloss is available from HairTrade.Com for £11.25 and I highly recommend it if your a lipgloss lover like me, because it's now one of my favourites and I can't wait to try out some of the other shades.

Have you tried out the Daniel Sandler lipgloss or any other products?

Thanks for Reading

Sarah xo

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Monday, 1 October 2012

LDN: Pamper Day with Aussie

Hi Lovelies,
Can you believe it's October already? I'm not going to say the dreaded 'C' word!!
On Saturday Myself and some of the Aussie Angels were invited to London's Chancery Hotel to visit their amazing Spa thanks to Aussie Hair.

I met up with Danielle from Miss Sunshine and Sparkle for the first time (and thankfully she wasn't some random old man trying to meet up with me an London Euston Station!! HA!)

As soon as we got inside we had a lovely welcome speech off the lovely Aussie Ladies, Drank some yummy Melon Soup and also got our name tags !! whooop :)


The Spa was so beautiful and was like being in a dark cave in a rainforest with little waterfalls and only candle light. (pictures may seem brighter because of flash).


As soon as we got inside we had a lovely basket filled with a pair of Slippers and an Aussie Robe, So it felt wrong not to hurry up and get changed as we was in a Spa at the end of the day!

And what every Girl loves..... FOOD!

Before our Massage we got to just relax in the relaxation room.
Then we were all called in one by one for our Massage which was just amazing, By the end of it I felt like I was just floating and I felt so relaxed and not so tense.

After our Massage we could use the Sauna or Steam Rooms, Then we got to have our hair's styled ready for Filming a few Video's for Aussie and

I had my hair styled by the lovely Tiffany, and I wanted to keep my hair down and curly so she re-curled it and added two braids that made a headband going over my head.
I felt just like a Mermaid!
After we all had our hair's done and filmed some videos, It was time for a HUGE announcement that Aussie had for us revealing a New Product...
...All will be revealed on Wednesday when Myself, Danielle ( Miss Sunshine and Sparkle ) and Lauren ( A Lauren to Herself ) have all been asked to work together to blog about the new Aussie Product and how it worked for us.
Plus hopefully if our Blog Post's that we work together on are picked as the best blog post we will win another Pamper Day for the 3 of us with Aussie.
I had such an amazing time in London, and it was lovely to meet all the other Bloggers there and the Aussie team.
I also highly recommend The Spa at Chancery Court as it was such a beautiful place and you was made to feel pampered and relaxed.
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