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Boots Haul: Thanks to Aussie!

Hi Lovelies, Hope you are all having a lovely week so far even-though it's so dull and gloomy outside!
A few weeks ago after being invited to London for the day with Aussie and the other Aussie Angels, we were all asked to work in groups of 3 to come up with 3 great blog posts about Aussie's newest miracle... Miracle Shine!
I worked with Lauren and Danielle to create our Awesome blog posts about the new Aussie range... And guess what... WE WON!!!
Our prizes were a £60 Voucher at a Hairdressers local to us but the lovely Aussie sent me a Boots voucher* as I'm a Hairdresser myself and do my own hair!

So Today I thought I'd show you all what I purchased with my winning voucher.

Remington Pearl Pro Curl.

For Ages I've really wanted to get a curling wand as I wear my hair curly everyday but I'm getting bored of the look that my hair straighteners give so I got this because it gives more of a natural, curly, glamorous look.

The barrel is 32mm with a 30 second fast heat up of up to 210 degrees Celsius, It has a 3 meter swivel cord which makes styling even easier because there's nothing worse than having a short cord to try and curl your hair with!
It also comes with a heat proof pouch and a protection glove to protect your hand while curling your hair around the wand.
This curling wand leaves me with gorgeous curls that last all day and it takes me maximum 10 minutes to style my hair of a morning!

A full tutorial and full review will be on my blog soon.

In Boots, they had 3 for 2 on selected Makeup, Cosmetics and Skincare, So I chose these 3 products.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation: I'm a huge fan of Revlon Foundation and I'm currently using Revlon's Photo-ready Foundation but thought I'd get the Colorstay as it's an amazing foundation that lasts all day.
There's nothing worse than foundation gradually going patchy on your skin as the day goes by, but with Revlon Colorstay this doesn't happen.
You can get the Revlon Colorstay foundation for Combination/Oily Skin or Normal/Dry Skin which is the one that I've got.
My Foundation is in the colour Fresh Beige which matches my skin tone perfect, it also leaves my skin looking fresh, flawless and most of all, Awake!!

Models Own Mirrorball Dancing Queen and Disco Mix: Models Own is one of my favourite brands of Nail Varnish, They have a huge range of colours and there glitter nail varnishes are amazing... And come on girls, who doesn't love a bit of glitter!!
The Mirrorball Dancing Queen has gorgeous speckles of green, blue and gold and the Disco Mix is a gorgeous mix of blue and purple glitter.

I will do nail tutorials/nail looks with these two nail varnishes soon.

Lee Stafford Hair Products:

Getting a Boots voucher from Aussie I could have gone & brought lots of Aussie Products but I already have most of the Aussie Range!

Lee Stafford is another favourite hair care brand of mine as they smell lush!

Lee Stafford POKeR Straight Dehumidifier: After styling my hair, as soon as I step into the vile weather outside my hair and hair extensions soon start to frizz but this stops that.
It's great to put on before you go outside and to put on through-out the day if you feel you Hair is getting frizzy or if you want to add a little scent to your hair because this smells amazing!

Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Mist: When styling your hair you should ALWAYS use a heat protector!! I always buy lots of different heat protectors just so I don't run out, and using heat protector on my hair everyday it's nice to have a few so I'm not using the same one everyday and I can have a change!
This one is great because of the smell again!

Loreal Féria color 3D in P67 Scarlet Power:

So from my first photo your probably thinking "why the hell have you got 3 boxes of hair colour!?" We'll I'm due to re-colour my own hair and I have some new hair extensions to colour too so all 3 boxes are for that!!
I normally only need 2 boxes of hair colour for my hair and hair extensions but I always buy one extra just incase!
The last colour I used on my hair was the Loreal Féria Color 3D in P37 Plum Power, but looking through my pictures the other day I found a photo of how red I used to have my hair a few years ago which back then I used the P67 which I have no re-purchaced.

I will also be posting a blog soon with my new hair colour and new hair extensions.

So that's my Boots Haul with all the items I purchased with my Boots voucher* from Aussie.

More in-depth reviews and Any tutorials will be coming soon.

Have you tried any of the items mentioned on my blog and if you got a £60 Boots voucher what would you spend it on?

Also don't forget to enter my Blog giveaway that ends 31st October 2012.

Thank you for Reading, Love your Aussie Angel...

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*DISCLAIMER: All items were purchased with a Boots Voucher that I received from Aussie for winning their Aussie Shine competition.


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  1. You lucky girl! I loveee a boots haul! Your looks gorgeous x


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