Monday, 1 October 2012

LDN: Pamper Day with Aussie

Hi Lovelies,
Can you believe it's October already? I'm not going to say the dreaded 'C' word!!
On Saturday Myself and some of the Aussie Angels were invited to London's Chancery Hotel to visit their amazing Spa thanks to Aussie Hair.

I met up with Danielle from Miss Sunshine and Sparkle for the first time (and thankfully she wasn't some random old man trying to meet up with me an London Euston Station!! HA!)

As soon as we got inside we had a lovely welcome speech off the lovely Aussie Ladies, Drank some yummy Melon Soup and also got our name tags !! whooop :)


The Spa was so beautiful and was like being in a dark cave in a rainforest with little waterfalls and only candle light. (pictures may seem brighter because of flash).


As soon as we got inside we had a lovely basket filled with a pair of Slippers and an Aussie Robe, So it felt wrong not to hurry up and get changed as we was in a Spa at the end of the day!

And what every Girl loves..... FOOD!

Before our Massage we got to just relax in the relaxation room.
Then we were all called in one by one for our Massage which was just amazing, By the end of it I felt like I was just floating and I felt so relaxed and not so tense.

After our Massage we could use the Sauna or Steam Rooms, Then we got to have our hair's styled ready for Filming a few Video's for Aussie and

I had my hair styled by the lovely Tiffany, and I wanted to keep my hair down and curly so she re-curled it and added two braids that made a headband going over my head.
I felt just like a Mermaid!
After we all had our hair's done and filmed some videos, It was time for a HUGE announcement that Aussie had for us revealing a New Product...
...All will be revealed on Wednesday when Myself, Danielle ( Miss Sunshine and Sparkle ) and Lauren ( A Lauren to Herself ) have all been asked to work together to blog about the new Aussie Product and how it worked for us.
Plus hopefully if our Blog Post's that we work together on are picked as the best blog post we will win another Pamper Day for the 3 of us with Aussie.
I had such an amazing time in London, and it was lovely to meet all the other Bloggers there and the Aussie team.
I also highly recommend The Spa at Chancery Court as it was such a beautiful place and you was made to feel pampered and relaxed.


  1. You summed up the day well! What an amazing afternoon it was. Your hair looked so pretty.

    It was great to meet you both and I'm looking forward to getting our posts up

    1. I loved your hair it was so 50's and teamed up great with your dress :)

      Blogging wednesday is going to be fab :)
      Will be great if we win and all meet up again xx

  2. I love Aussie stuff, smells amazing!

  3. Ah it looks like such a lovely day :) x

  4. Looks like a fab day!


  5. Gorgeous photos , looks like a lovely day xx


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