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TAG: Why Do You Wear Makeup?!

Hi Lovelies,

After reading through Miss Sunshine and Sparkle aka Danielle's Blog yesterday, I read through her TAG post on Why do you wear makeup and instantly I wanted to do this TAG post as 1. I love doing TAG blog posts and 2. I L O V E Makeup!!

When did you begin to love makeup?

Ever since I was about 3 years old I've loved makeup, My 4 year old has even taken after me with this as she is forever using my blusher brush and wearing my lipgloss!
I remember sitting on my Moms dressing table when I was about 4-5 years old before school and getting her lipstick and putting it all on my face! Obviously I got a huge telling off, Then when I was about 10 I found a foundation sample in a magazine and put it on but didn't blend it down my neck, so when my Mom ask's me "are you wearing makeup" and I say no, she soon said ''well if your going to act like your not wearing any makeup then blend it down your neck next time!!!''.

But the first time I really began to love makeup in a serious way was when I was about 14, I remember going shopping with my friends of a weekend and buying makeup, then every Friday there was an under 18's night at a club in town, so we used to take it in turns each week getting ready at different friends houses and Every week I used to always wear a different eye-makeup look.
I did go through a faze at school of wearing pink and blue on my eyes and lots of black eyeliner on my waterline, Hence why I never wear eyeliner on my waterline any more!! (I was a little chavacious at school).

How do you feel without makeup?

One word... Vile! Some girls can happily go about with their day to day life not wearing makeup but not me!
My Boyfriend always say how pretty I look without makeup but I feel naked without my makeup on, I can happily sit at home of a nighttime without my makeup on but during the day it is a must have for me!

Without my Foundation I feel like my skin is pale and blotchy and without my Winged Liner and Mascara I feel like my eyes are sinking into my head!
Some girls will probably think OMG but life is about being comfortable and confident and without my makeup on I don't feel like me at all !!

What do you like about makeup?

Makeup is Amazing because you can achieve so many different looks and also enhance your natural beauty.
There's nothing better than experimenting with different makeup looks, copying different celebrity makeup looks and trying out new makeup ranges/products.
There are so many different looks you can achieve with makeup wether it's a smokey eye, nude lip or even a bright red lip, Makeup is just another accessory to complete your whole 'look'.

Three 'Holy Grail' items?

Foundation: I don't have one foundation that I stick too, but I can't live without my foundation.
My 5 Favourite foundations that I love using are Clinique Even Better, YSL Touché Éclat Foundation, Bourjois Healthy Mix, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and Revlon Colorstay.
Rimmel Gel Liner: I always used to use felt liner but I'm really loving Gel Eyeliner at the moment as it's so easy to use and it lasts for ages.
I think I've had my Rimmel Gel Eyeliner for a few months now and their is still half a pot left and I use it everyday.
Also I couldn't be without wearing my daily winged eyeliner as it really frames my small eyes and makes them stand out.
Lipgloss: I swear I have a huge OCD with Lipgloss, On the counter at work I always have my lipgloss and mirror at the ready and I'm constantly applying it!
I don't have one lipgloss or lipstick that I stick to, but I'm currently using Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake.

Thank You for reading all my TAG answers and if you decide to answer the questions on you blog then let me know or let me know I'm the comments what your answers would be.

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  1. Great posting! Thank you for sharing.

    I've done my version at

    What do you think? x

    1. Fab doll :) i was the same as u soon as i saw three holy grail items!! I have sooooo many too lol xx

  2. I love these posts! I dread to think what I looked like at 14, when I started playing with make up! Loved reading this. Hope you're well, missus xx

    1. Aww thanks doll :) I'm fab are u? xx

  3. Reading this post was like reading about myself omg I did exactly the same at 14 and have always loved make-up since I can nursery I used the red smarties as lipstick!I too can not wear black eyeliner under my this random and honest blog!! :)


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