Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dirty Works: You Soft Touch Hand Cream

Hi Lovelies,

I could go on all day how much I love Dirty Works products, They are exclusive to Sainsburys and are such good value for the money.

Dirty Works You Soft Touch Hand Cream* is such a fresh sweet smelling hand cream that helps pamper those hard working hands!
My hands lately have felt really dry and I had a lovely comment at work the other day by someone that said "oh your hands look really old and they are really dry" my reply was "what do you expect when it's winter and I am actually working"... So after this lovely comment I received this hand cream and to my delight it smells just like the Dirty Works Body Spray and Shimmer Lotion that I have used before.
It's such a sweet and fresh smell, it's hard to explain what it smells like but it is extremely yummy!

Using this on my hands I've found them to be much softer but without any greasiness, it also hasn't caused my hands to chap, which I have found happen with a couple of more expensive hand creams that I've used before.

This product and the whole Dirty Works Range is available from Sainsburys in the UK, online and in-store.

Have you tried any of the Dirty Works Range? If so what's your favourite?

Hope your having a fab week

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