Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sleep-in Rollers Fringe Roller and Hello Great Hair Hairspray Review

Hi Lovelies,

I'm a huge fan of Sleep-in Rollers and today I'm trying out the Sleep-in Rollers Fringe Roller* and Hello Great Hair Hairspray*.

WARNING: Contains Morning Photo's, But don't worry I'm wearing makeup!!

I placed the fringe roller into my side fringe then sprayed on a little hairspray to let it set while I styled the rest of my hair.
The fringe roller is really big so no matter how much of a fringe you have this roller will fit.
After about 15 minutes I finished curling my hair with my curling wand, then I took out the fringe roller, I can say my fringe had just enough volume that I like in my fringe but if you do like more volume (Amy Childs style) then it's probably best you leave it in a little longer.

The Hairspray also worked great too, once I styled my hair it gave a strong hold without leaving that crunchy hairspray feel in your hair.
I really love the fringe roller and I use it every morning to add volume to my fringe while I style the rest of my hair.
Plus I doubt this can of hairspray will ever run out because it's so Big!!

The Sleep-in Rollers Fringe Roller and Hairspray are available from The Sleep-in Rollers Website

Have you tried out the Sleep-in Rollers Fringe Roller, Hairspray or any other of the Sleep-in Rollers Products?

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Thanks for Reading Lovelies, Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

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