Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dr Ceuticals Bottom Lift and Tone

Hi Lovelies, Christmas is only 6 Days away... Eeekkk! and for Christmas us ladies always want to look our best, So over the last month I have been trying out Dr.Ceuticals Bottom Lift and Tone*.

The one part of my body that I have issues with is the tops of my legs, They are a little bumpy and I always refer to them as my 'rugby player thighs'... Wouldn't we all love to have super sleek supermodel legs eh?!!

The Dr.Ceuticals Bottom Lift and Tone claims that after 28 days skin is up to 39% firmer and appears to be 24% tighter... So I put it to the test!
First when I heard of this product I thought it would be a cream but it's actually a gel which at first thoughts made me think ,well this must actually work because a lot of creams that I've tried before hadn't worked.
The product is to be applied twice daily and to be massaged well into the skin in circular motions towards the heart to boost circulation. The scent is also a subtle tea tree fragrance.

So after using this product for over a month twice a day has it worked?... Yes! After the first week I noticed my skin to be more softer, then a few weeks later my skin looked more toned and not so bumpy! I wouldn't say it actually tones your bottom or legs for you but it smooths your skin which I think gives a toned look.

This product is available from for £19.99 but at the moment is half price for Only £9.99.

If you have issues with your thighs or bottom like me, then I recommend you give this a try and your skin will feel smooth, toned and you will feel amazing!

Also Dr.Ceuticals do lots of other Toning products for any parts of the body you might have issues with, Check out this link to the website where you can see all the different toning products Dr.Ceuticals offer.

Have you tried any of the Dr.Ceuticals products?

Also... A Huge Merry Christmas to all of my Followers and Readers, I will probably have another blog post up this week then my days will probably be a little hectic on the lead up to Christmas, So I will be back with you just after Christmas Day.


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  1. I think I'll buy this stuff :)


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