Saturday, 29 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Image: We Heart It... Edited by Me!
Hi Lovelies... Merry Christmas (She says 4 days after!) I hope you've all had a fabulous time and have indulged in lots of yummy food... I know I have!
Christmas has been so busy, On Christmas Day we all opened all our prezzies (My Little Girl and Boyfriends kids had loads!) then rushed off for a meal with the Boyfriend's Family in Stafford, Stuffed our faces to the max then my favourite part of the day came... Secret Santa! So one person that was at our Christmas Meal text us all saying we are going to be doing a Secret Santa at our Christmas meal, Adults only and be inventive!
So I hear the word 'Adult' and in my head I'm thinking of something stupid and funny from Ann Summers, So while Christmas shopping me and the Boyfriend had a butchers in Ann Summers to find something Adult and Inventive... I found a pair of Nipple Tassel's that I had to get, whether a male or female picked my Secret Santa gift I was sure they would Laugh Out Loud as soon as they opened it, Then my Boyfriend had to find a gift, and we found.... Penis Shaped Pasta!!!.... All day I could not stop talking about this Penis shaped pasta that we found and If I opened that as my Secret Santa gift I would Laugh so much and cook up a Penis Carbonara the next day! ha
So all our Secret Santa gifts were all mixed up and we were all given one to open and to my utter surprise no one had brought anything Adult apart from me and my Boyfriend!! I got 5 random CD's that consisted of Cliff Richard, Lesley Garrett and Will Smith! and My Boyfriend got a Rubber Duck that turned into a torch! No one really Laughed Out Loud at our Gifts apart from a few giggles here and there... I felt like asking for our pasta back! lol
Our Secret Santa Gift's and Me in a Christmas hat and a joke cracker Moustache!
But aside from that little disappointment the day was fab and could tell I was stuffed to the brim with food because as soon as Doctor Who came on I nodded off, But I was then ready for round two of cheese and crackers and A few glasses of wine until 2 in the Morning.
I didn't go to any of the Boxing Day sales as working in retail meant that I was in work Boxing Day plus I'm not a huge fan of getting in a sweat rummaging for a bargain!, But I finished at 7pm and as a Boxing Day tradition Me and My Boyfriend always go to the Cinema, So we watched The Hobbit.
It was a great film, a little slow at the start but the effects in the HFR 3D was amazing! I know not all cinema's are showing The Hobbit in the new HFR 3D but it's worth finding a cinema that is showing it in the new 3D as it's another level of amazingness!
So that was my Christmas, I'm looking forward to New Years Eve, another excuse to stuff my face with food and to have a glass of Bubbly or two... Maybe Three???
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, What did you get up to? Did you get any fab gifts?
Have a Happy New Year

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