Thursday, 31 January 2013

30% off anything you desire at FD.Avenue ❤ using code SARAH30

Hi Lovelies, Last month all my lovely followers/readers had the opportunity to get 15% off at FD.Avenue using my unique code at the checkout... But now you can get a whopping 30% off anything you desire using SARAH30 at the checkout!!

So what are you waiting for... Why not get yourselves a treat or two off the FD.Avenue Website... It would be rude not too!!

Have a lovely day.

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Can You Put a Price on Love? ❤

Can you put a price on love? A recent survey carried out by online fashion retailer K& suggested that many people can: £15! That's the amount that just over a quarter of men and a third of women were willing to spend on their loved one, or more specifically, on a Valentine's Day present for them.

Not everyone asked was so concerned with shopping on a budget however; as nearly 1 in 5 men said that they’d be willing to spend upwards of £50 on a gift for their partner. Meanwhile, a small number of lucky ladies look set to get even luckier this Valentine's Day, with around 1 in 10 men willing to splash out over £100 on a Valentine's gift for their other half. No boring Quality Streets for them then!

However, another Survey carried out by debit card company Maestro has shown that even this is just a drop in the ocean when it comes to the true cost of love. According to their research, we spend a massive average of £200 on every date we go on. While the bills for drinks and meals are often footed by the men (spending ten times more than women on these), women more than make up for it with their expensive pre-date preparations, such as trips to the hairdressers, new outfits and makeup.

But the costs don't stop there - Maestro's estimated average price of an engagement (including that all-important ring) is around £3,000. And even that's nothing when compared to the big wedding day itself, which rings up an almighty bill of £20,000!
If these numbers are starting to look scary, and you're staring at your partner wondering whether they're really worth it(!), it might be nice to remind yourself of how that old saying goes - "It's the thought that counts".

Indeed, K&Co's survey showed that the perfect Valentine's date for over a third of men and women would be a cosy homemade dinner. So, instead of heading out to an expensive restaurant, just dim the lights and scatter some scented candles around the room to achieve the same romantic atmosphere. Then cook yourselves your favourite meal and cuddle up on the sofa in front of your favourite film. Or, if there’s a particular place that means a lot to you, pack a picnic and go and gaze up at the clouds – or the stars – together.
There’s no shortage of affordable Valentines Day Gift Ideas out there and, no matter what budget you’re on (£15 or otherwise!), finding a way to treat your other half doesn't necessarily need to cost the earth.

Only 2 weeks until Valentines Day ❤


Monday, 21 January 2013

OOTD | Baby It's Cold Outside...

 photo babyitscold_zps08ef7266.jpg

Coat: George Asda
Boots: George Asda
Hi Lovelies, What with the cold weather outside there's nothing better than wearing a nice snug coat to keep you nice and cosy!
For Chrismas, as one of my presents off my Boyfriend I wanted a coat and this was a bargain £25 from Asda, First of all I was a little afraid when I saw it on the hanger as it's more of a smock fitted jacket and I always worry that I look pregnant in smock fitting clothing, but this coat looked perfect.
Also the boots were a steal from Asda as they are from the children's section...Thank God for size 4 feet eh!!
I really love this coat and for a bargain of £25 you can't complain!
Hope you are all enjoying the snow... As you can tell from the picture it's still snowing here.


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Giveaway | Clynol Colour & Care ❤

Hi Lovelies, Hope you are all enjoying the snowy weather that we have been having over the last few days... I must admit there's nothing more pretty than a lovely sheet of white snow outside but after a day or two it does become a little annoying!
After Christmas we are all feeling the pinch after splurging on Christmas Presents (and buying ourselves the odd Christmas treats!) So I thought what better time to have a giveaway where you can be in with a chance of winning A Clynol Colour & Care Shampoo & Conditioner courtesy of

Clynol Colour & Care Enrich Shampoo 300ml.

Style without colour would make our world deeply dull indeed, so it makes sense to preserve this precious relationship at all costs. You love A-list colour and so you'll want to know about the liquid jewel extract that boosts shine for a serious red-carpet dazzle that lasts and lasts.

The UV filters never fail in their sterling work to bounce back the sun’s harsh glare and protect rich tones from fading. And it’s not just the colour that gets protection – the delicate structure of each and every strand gets an easy ride even after 30 washes, thanks to gentle, powerfully strengthening Keratin.

Clynol Colour & Care Restore Conditioner 250ml.

Hair that’s been colour treated doesn’t have to be high maintenance when you’ve got a conditioner that knows how to make a pussycat of every coloured strand.

Long-lasting colour intensity stays salon perfect for as long as 30 washes when you use a little liquid jewel extract to maintain shine and brightness. And talking of gems, nature’s own apricot kernel oil is a deeply nourishing, enriching ingredient that protects hair from colour damage and smoothes the shaft of each strand for a gleaming finish. Add some UV filters to put up a decent fight against colour-bleaching sunlight and suddenly you’ve got the perfect after-shampoo, colour treat.

Giveaway Details.

To be in with a chance of winning The Clynol Colour & Care Enrich Shampoo & Restore Conditioner just follow these steps:

❤This giveway is open to Worldwide followers.
❤You MUST be a follower of my Blog via GFC.
❤To Enter... Comment below saying why you'd love win these products also include your email address and/or Twitter so i can contact you if you are the lucky winner. = 1 entry
❤Follow Me on Twitter. = 1 entry
❤Tweet about my giveaway saying: " I just entered @sarah22xoxo @Hairtrade Clynol Giveaway, Enter here " = 2 entries
❤Write a blog post about my giveaway. = 3 entries
❤So in total you can get up to 7 entries into the Giveaway that will give you more of a chance of winning.
❤Remember You MUST follow my Blog via GFC and comment below to enter... Then you can Follow me on Twitter, Tweet and/or Blog about it too, to gain yourself some extra entries.
❤Also include in your comment below if you are following me on twitter with your twitter name, If you have tweeted and if you have wrote a blog post about the giveaway.
❤Voting closes Sunday 3rd February at Midnight, and the winner will be picked at random using

The winner will be picked and contacted the day after voting closes.

Good Luck

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ohh So Glam's 1st Birthday | 1 Year of Blogging ❤

Image: We Heart It, Edited by Me!

Hi Lovelies, I can't believe this time 1 year ago I started my little blog! My New Years Resolution for 2012 was to start up my own blog... And I did! For many months before I started my blog I was inspired by so many other bloggers out there and thought "I really want to do this!" Blogging is a fab way to get someones opinion before purchasing a product, I always looked at other peoples reviews before purchasing anything new and I wanted to be apart of this amazing community to help contribute to this!

Not only do I love giving you all my reviews on products but I love doing outfit posts (even though I don't do many), TAG posts, Tutorials and anything else I think you all might be interested to hear!
During the last year I've felt my blog has grown so well, I might not have thousands and thousands of followers yet like other bloggers out there but as long as you all enjoy reading my blog that's all that matters.
Also over the last year I've started my own Youtube Channel (Although I haven't filmed a few video's for a while) but as soon as I get a better camera I will be back on the Youtube bandwagon!!

Over the last year I also attended my first Blogger event in London thanks to Aussie and met up with lots of other Aussie Angels, It was such a fab day and it was great to meet all the other lovely bloggers there. You can read all about it in my Blog Post.

I could go on all day mentioning how amazing my last year has been blogging, but it wouldn't have even kicked off and been worthwhile if it wasn't for my followers & readers.
It puts a HUGE smile on my face to see many of you visiting my blog everyday and I love reading all your comments on my blog posts.... A HUGE thank you to all my followers and readers it feels good to have so many of you reading my blog everyday, at least it means I'm not talking to myself! Ha

I'm looking forward to Ohh So Glam's next year of blogging and hope to have many many more years of blogging and to grow and blossom even more!

Thanks to all of you and Happy Birthday Ohh So Glam!!

You can also find me:
Twitter: @Sarah22xoxo
Instagram: Ohhsoglam

Lots of Love

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Luxury Candles - Scent

Hi Lovelies, I'm a huge fan of Deborah Mitchell and her salon in Shifnal, I've visited there on a few occasions (See my Jessica GELeration Nails at Heaven) and I'm also a massive fan of her Bee Sting Kit that is a popular product to a number of A-Listers out there!
I'm also a lover of Candles... Come-on, what girl isn't?! There's nothing better after a long hard day to relax with candle light and the gorgeous aroma you can get from different fragrant candles that suit any mood.

Deborah Mitchell also has her own range of luxury candles which are available in 2 sizes- Small: £18.55 or Large: £38.00 and are available in 4 luxurious fragrances- Affection, Breathe, Dream and Scent.

I have the Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Luxury Small Candle in the fragrance Scent*, Each candle has a minimum burn time of 50 hours and releases a Heavenly fragrance of Sandalwood, Orange and Patchouli, this will help dissolve stress and melt away tension
Each candle is produced in beautiful Waterford Crystal Glass and also comes in its own presentation box.

My Candle is quite small, but don't be fooled thinking "this isn't going to last long" because it really does burn for ages!
I wouldn't use these candles on a daily basis but for more luxury relaxing times: While having a long relaxing soak in the bath, while having a massage/giving a massage or for a special night once a week while relaxing with that special someone!

The candles have a really strong fragrance and instantly fill the room with a gorgeous aroma after being lit, I know at the Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Salon in Shifnal they have these dotted around the salon and in the various different treatment rooms which add something special to the salon and makes the environment really relaxing and welcoming.

I really do love the fragrance of the Scent Candle and really want to try out the other fragrances now too! I will defiantly be purchasing the Large scent candle for my bathroom to make those long soaks in the bath that little bit more relaxing!

Deborah Mitchell Candles are available from Skincare Organics, at her salon in Shifnal and also may be available at various salons across the UK... Check out the Salons page on her website to find out if there's a salon near you that might stock the gorgeous Heaven by Deborah Mitchell products.

Have you tried out any Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Products?

Thanks for Reading

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Monday Manicure: A Midnight Affair

Hi Lovelies, I'm not a huge lover of dark nail varnish but for a change from the pale colours I thought I'd paint them dark for a change.

Products used:

Revlon Midnight Affair & Models Own Dancing Queen.

I love the combination of the dark midnight blue with the chunks of sparkle on top, It's so simple yet sophisticated!

What Monday Manicure are you wearing Today? What's your favourite Models Own glitter combination?

Have a lovely Monday


Friday, 11 January 2013

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

Hi Lovelies, The cold weather has really kicked in today, and since being poorly a few days ago my lips have become really dry... So this meant I could try out the gorgeous Fresh Sugar Lip Polish*

The Fresh Sugar Lip Polish is a gentle conditioning exfoliant that leaves lips incredibly smooth and silky soft.
The unique formula is enriched with real brown sugar crystals that gently buff away dry flakes. It contains meadowfoam seed, jojoba seed, and grapeseed oils to nourish the lips and shea butter for long-lasting moisture.

My Review

So I tried this out 2 nights ago and gently massaged into my lips, left it on for 5 minutes and wiped away with a warm face cloth.
The sugar exfoliates your lips really well and isn't rough on your lips... It actually just feels like rubbing on sugar! The taste was really pleasant too, obviously your not meant to eat it but leaving it on your lips for 5 minutes, who isn't going to get a little taste!
I used it on my lips again last night too and now their isn't a dry patch in sight! There's nothing worse than applying lipstick and it making your dry lips stand out... Hello silky smooth kissable lips!

The pot that I've got is a smaller pot to the normal size, the normal size is 17g and retails at £14.50 at the Fresh Store London located on 92 Marylebone High Street, London or for Mail order call 0207 486 4100

It's a great product to have to get silky soft kissable lips and it's now one of my favourite must-have products!

Have you tried any Fresh Products? Do you have a favourite lip scrub?

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

NYE Nails: So Simple...

Hi Lovelies, Hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve, Our's was really low key as my Boyfriend was poorly but I still had to paint my nails for the occasion!!
I wasn't too sure on what outfit I was going to wear for New Years Eve, So I kept my nails nude so they would go with anything.

For this look I used No7 Stay Perfect in So Simple, Then using a cosmetic sponge I dabbed 2 coats of Models Own Hed Kandi Disco Heaven to the tips of my nails followed by 2 coats of Revlon Gold Sequins to the tips of my nails.

This gave a simple but glam look to my nails and using the nude base colour meant that my nails would look fab with whatever I decided to wear.
In the end I opt'd for a Black Skater Skirt with a Leopard top from Topshop, Our night was really low key but that doesn't mean you can't dress up!!

I hope you all had a lovely New Years, and have a Lovely 2013 ahead of you.

Did you get up to anything fab on New Years Eve? What nail look was you wearing?


Instagram Diary | December ♥

Hi Lovelies, I've been thinking of lots of different blog posts to do on my blog, and one of these was a monthly Instagram Diary.
December has been such a busy month, what with all the Christmas shopping, Christmas and New Year too!... But wish it didn't have to go so quick!

♥ Gave my Blog a makeover... What do you think of Ohh So Glam's new look?

♥ After watching Lorraine one morning, Decided to try out a recipe of Rice Krispy Chicken! Random but Yummy!

♥ My Boyfriend brought me breakfast in bed and cut my toast up into heart shapes! He's such a darling!

♥ My Princess's 5th Birthday!! with her Talking Ben Teddy, One of her favourite apps.

♥ Trying on a cape in New Look by Kelly Brook, Really did love it but felt a little too posh!

♥ My new favourite drink... Barr Strawberry Sours, Tastes like Strawberry Ribena but REALLY sour! YUM

♥ Off out to a Casino Party... Really love my hair in this photo.

♥ My Christmas tree hearts, Really love these decorations.

♥ Our secret Santa gifts we brought for Christmas Day from Ann Summers, Penis Pasta and Nipple Tassels... Read all about it on my Merry Christmas Blog Post

♥ Coloured my Hair... Loreal Feria P67 Scarlet Power

♥ Christmas Day... Me in a Cracker hat and Novelty Moustache!

♥ Boxing Day, The Boyf decided to play with lego!

♥ One of my little prezzies off my Boyf... How gorgeous is this travel cup!

♥ Cooking New Years Eve, Chickpea and Chorizo Salad, Something I tried whilst in London with Aussie

♥ My cheeky little Princess New Years Eve.

♥ My little Princess Drinking Pretend Champagne at Midnight!


Instagram: Ohhsoglam

Happy New Year Everyone ♥



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