Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ohh So Glam's 1st Birthday | 1 Year of Blogging ❤

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Hi Lovelies, I can't believe this time 1 year ago I started my little blog! My New Years Resolution for 2012 was to start up my own blog... And I did! For many months before I started my blog I was inspired by so many other bloggers out there and thought "I really want to do this!" Blogging is a fab way to get someones opinion before purchasing a product, I always looked at other peoples reviews before purchasing anything new and I wanted to be apart of this amazing community to help contribute to this!

Not only do I love giving you all my reviews on products but I love doing outfit posts (even though I don't do many), TAG posts, Tutorials and anything else I think you all might be interested to hear!
During the last year I've felt my blog has grown so well, I might not have thousands and thousands of followers yet like other bloggers out there but as long as you all enjoy reading my blog that's all that matters.
Also over the last year I've started my own Youtube Channel (Although I haven't filmed a few video's for a while) but as soon as I get a better camera I will be back on the Youtube bandwagon!!

Over the last year I also attended my first Blogger event in London thanks to Aussie and met up with lots of other Aussie Angels, It was such a fab day and it was great to meet all the other lovely bloggers there. You can read all about it in my Blog Post.

I could go on all day mentioning how amazing my last year has been blogging, but it wouldn't have even kicked off and been worthwhile if it wasn't for my followers & readers.
It puts a HUGE smile on my face to see many of you visiting my blog everyday and I love reading all your comments on my blog posts.... A HUGE thank you to all my followers and readers it feels good to have so many of you reading my blog everyday, at least it means I'm not talking to myself! Ha

I'm looking forward to Ohh So Glam's next year of blogging and hope to have many many more years of blogging and to grow and blossom even more!

Thanks to all of you and Happy Birthday Ohh So Glam!!

You can also find me:
Twitter: @Sarah22xoxo
Instagram: Ohhsoglam

Lots of Love

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  1. Happy birthday! :) X

  2. Happy Birthday and we wish you all the best for the future!

    Kathleen of

  3. Just found you via Twitter, I was in need of some late night reading! Love your blog, happy 1st Birthday!

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches


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