Monday, 21 January 2013

OOTD | Baby It's Cold Outside...

 photo babyitscold_zps08ef7266.jpg

Coat: George Asda
Boots: George Asda
Hi Lovelies, What with the cold weather outside there's nothing better than wearing a nice snug coat to keep you nice and cosy!
For Chrismas, as one of my presents off my Boyfriend I wanted a coat and this was a bargain £25 from Asda, First of all I was a little afraid when I saw it on the hanger as it's more of a smock fitted jacket and I always worry that I look pregnant in smock fitting clothing, but this coat looked perfect.
Also the boots were a steal from Asda as they are from the children's section...Thank God for size 4 feet eh!!
I really love this coat and for a bargain of £25 you can't complain!
Hope you are all enjoying the snow... As you can tell from the picture it's still snowing here.



  1. That's such a lovely coat! You look great :) x

    1. Thanks Doll, have you checked out my giveaway xx

  2. That coat is lovely, what a bargain! xx

    1. It was a bargain ! Have you checked out my blog giveaway doll xx

  3. I can't believe this coat was only 25 pounds! Love it, it looks amazing with your hair! I need to get myself back to England to hop on these bargains. xo


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