Thursday, 28 February 2013

Instagram Diary | February ♥

Hi Lovelies, Every month I keep saying 'OMG, how quick has the last month gone?' But seriously how bloomin' quick has February gone?
As you can see below I've been a little snap-happy during February on Instagram, Plus my next Blog Post will be by #FMSphotoaday February Photo's so they'll be even more Instagram photo's for you to see.
So here's my Instagram Diary from February...

♥ My NOTD Barry M Pink Flamingo & Peach Melba with Sequins on top.
♥ A French quote my Boyfriend put on Twitter for me.
♥ A sweet treat for my Boyfriend.
♥ A cute ring I saw on Etsy that I love.
♥ Lily drinking her favourite drink... Earl Grey after having her nails done.
♥ Drinking a cup of The Little Coffee Bag Co Coffee while Blogging!
♥ A cute bracelet my Nan got me.
♥ NEW HAIR! So glad to be a Brunette again!
♥ Plain Flour = Pancake Day!

♥ I love getting lovely Instagram comments.
♥ New Models Own Ice Neon Collection... A new fave!
♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥
♥ My Lemons looked rather rude in my cup!
♥ Feel like I should have been attending London Fashion Week in these shades!
♥ Lana Del Rey - Radio... Favourite.
♥ My Boyfriend started his own Gaming Blog & I re-designed mine... What do you think?
♥ My 50 Random Facts About Me!
♥ Started a new weekly Sunday post called 'Weekly Ramblings' so you can find out what I've been up to during the week... What do you think of this new Blog Post?

♥ My Eye makeup.
♥ My guide on Hair Extensions.
♥ New Bow Shoes... From Primark!
♥ When I'm up Town I always look in Game for the Boyfriend.
♥ A cute Heart Shaped Stone my Boyfriend found for me ♥
♥ Had a Busy Blogging, Writing and Emailing Day!
♥ My FD Avenue Midi Dress.
♥ Get 20% off at FD Avenue using the code SARAH20.
♥ A cute Barbie Invite Lily had.
Instagram: Ohhsoglam


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