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My Guide on... Hair Extensions

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Hi Lovelies, I'm a huge Hair Extensions fan and have been wearing Hair Extensions for over 7 Years now, So I thought I would do a little guide to different types of Hair Extensions out there and those that I recommend and those that I don't.

Sew in & Glue in Weave Extensions.

These Hair Extensions are both applied using Hair Extension Tracks, which you can buy in a bulk and cut down to the desired size to fit your head.
The sew in process requires your hair to be braided to the scalp and then your tracks are then sewed into your braid, This process isn't really painful only if the person that's doing your Hair Extensions accidentally pokes you with the needle!
This process can last a while and look natural but I don't really like this method of applying Hair Extensions as if the braid is too big you will see a bulge in your hair and your hair can start to get really itchy after a while and you just feel like tearing your tracks and braids out so you can give it a good scratch!!
The glue in process is something I really DO NOT recommend, I have never tried the glue in process where the tracks are glued to your scalp after seeing friends loosing a lot of hair when they are trying to remove the glue after removing the tracks and also the glue isn't that great and after a while your tracks can start lifting in the corners, and this can look very unflattering if noticeable.

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions.

This is a popular but expensive way of applying Hair Extensions and this process requires adding small strands of hair to your own hair by using a heat connector to melt the glue at the top of the bond and then it is rolled to bond to your own hair.
For a full head of Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions you are looking at 150-200 Strands or maybe more depending on your hair thickness and length.
This process of adding Hair Extensions to your hair is ok as long as they are done professionally and you maintain them properly, otherwise you can cause damage and breakage to your own hair.
I've done this process of adding Hair Extensions to other people's hair, but it isn't something as I'd have done on my own hair I'd rather have a 'non-glue' application.

Clip-in Hair Extensions.

Most Girls out there probably own a pair of Clip-in Extensions for night's out where they want to add a little length or thickness to their hair. I used to wear Clip-in Extensions for 5+ Years until I started wearing Micro Bead Extensions.
Clip-in Hair Extensions are great and you can purchase a wide range of colours and qualities on the Internet now as they are really popular.
I recommend highly that when you purchase Clip-in Hair Extensions that you make sure that they are 100% Human Hair, As I've brought some from local Hair Extensions Shops and they claim to be Human Hair but then if you check they are only 50% Human and 50% Synthetic so this means any heat applied will damage them and they won't last as long.
The only thing I can fault with Clip-in Hair Extensions is that they are an absolute pain in the butt to put in everyday, If you are only wearing them for the odd days then that's fine, but I used to wear them everyday and after a while it became a chore but thankfully I found Micro Bead Hair Extensions that I will be talking about after.
So Clip-in Hair Extensions are an easy way of adding Length/thickness to your hair and I highly recommend them as a great non-glue way of adding extensions to your hair.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions are a fantastic way of wearing hair extensions as no heat, chemicals or glue are used in the application.
Application of Micro Beads involves taking a small section of your hair, applying a bead to your hair, inserting extension hair strand into the bead and then the bead is clamped shut using a pair of pliers.
Micro Beads are lined with silicone on the inside to protect your own hair and as your hair grows the Micro Beads can easily be moved up and tightened again.
I have done Micro Bead Hair Extensions on my own hair, but I am a qualified hairdresser, I highly recommend you have your extensions done professionally as incorrect application can cause damage to your hair.

Micro Beads are also a great way of just adding length to certain places, i.e if you have a sweeping fringe but would like it a little longer then they can be added just into your fringe, also they are a great way for adding colour/highlights into your hair.

I highly recommend Micro Beads if you are looking for a more long lasting type of hair extensions and my 2nd favourite type of hair extensions are clip-ins, Just make sure whatever method you decide to wear your hair extensions, always buy a good quality brand of hair.

I hope you find this post useful, and if you're a little unsure about hair extensions or want to know a little more about hair extensions then please comment below and I will get back to you.

Here are a few of my favourite websites for Hair Extensions that I recommend:
Halo Hair Extensions
Hair Trade
Foxy Hair Extensions
Super Model Hair
Foxy Locks



  1. Love this post :) Ive had prebonds and now wear foxy locks :) love clip ins so much!


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  3. Thanks for the info, I have mine Remy Hair Extensions and I dont know how to care it properly.

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