Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New Hair ♥ Halo Deluxe Hair Extensions PLUS 10% Off


Hi Lovelies I have new hair! yay... If you follow me on Twitter you'll know my hair was really getting me down lately as some previous hair extensions I had before became really matted and frizzy!

But now I introduce Halo Hair Extensions...

Halo Hair extensions come by super fast delivery plus are packaged beautifully in purple wrapping and also come with your receipt plus a little guide inside a black envelope.
I think presentation is key with anything that you purchase and I love that the hair extensions are wrapped up with a bow on as it adds a cute little touch!

I received my fabulous Clip-in Remy Halo Hair Extensions a few weeks ago in 20" Deluxe Light Brown*, The hair extensions were a little lighter than my hair colour so I thought I would do an ombre effect on them by colouring from the top to half way down leaving out the ends for that ombre effect; I used to have a lighter ombre look on my hair last summer and full details on how I coloured my hair extensions plus a Youtube video can be found HERE.
I must stress that you only colour your hair extensions if you know what you are doing, as if you did make a mistake it would be alot of money you have wasted! You can always pop into your local salon for them to advise you or even colour your hair extensions for you but for a cost obviously! But if you are just after one colour of hair extensions to match to your own hair colour then the Halo Website does offer a huge range of colours, and you can even email them with a photo for them to advise you on a colour PLUS if that wasn't enough you even get a 7day returns or exchange policy, so if your colour doesn't match you can exchange for a different shade (just make sure you don't remove your extensions from the cardboard until you are 100% sure that they match).

In your pack of Deluxe Remy Hair Extensions you get:

100% Indian Remy Human Hair
145g of pure hair weight
3 pieces 8” wide with 3 clips
3 pieces 6” wide with 2 clips
6 pieces 2” wide with 1 clip

This pack will do a full head of clip in hair extensions and depending on your hair length/thickness you could even have a few pieces to spare.
There's nothing worse than buying hair extensions that are really fine as they can look really unnatural in your hair but these hair extensions blend in perfectly and give the right amount of thickness to make your extensions look natural.

The 20" Halo Deluxe Clip_in Extensions retail at £84.99 and some people might think this is really expensive but if you go out there and purchase £20 packs of clip in extensions they won't be 100%  human hair, believe me I have gone and purchased many many packs of hair extensions ever since the age of 16 and I have fell for people saying that they are 100% human hair then after 1 week of using straighteners on them you get a burning smell and they become all frazzled!
Some mid-range priced hair extensions can be good though but if you love hair extensions but have never tried Deluxe Halo Hair Extensions then you must give them a try as they are nothing like anything that I have tried before!

I'm really loving my Halo Hair Extensions and I can't stop running my fingers through them!!!... They will need washing by the time the day is over!

Get 10% off your own Halo Hair Extensions!

Also for my Lovely Readers you can get 10% off on the Halo Website by entering the code: sarahloveshalo ...An excuse to treat yourself for a little less!

Have you tried Halo Hair Extensions? Any other Hair Extensions you love?

Also... Happy Pancake Day!



  1. The hair stylist will have to attach the extension one strand at the same time. Strands usually contain 20-50 hairs a peice, so imaginable how time consuming the best selection for a full frizzy hair -- and time is normally money.
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