Friday, 8 February 2013

The Little Coffee Bag Co.

Hi Lovelies, I have a bit of a different post for you today that doesn't involve beauty or fashion but Coffee!... The Little Coffee Bag Company is a fabulous brand brought to us by the lovely Carrie. She has created three high quality coffees that have their own individual bag to create gorgeous cafetiere style coffee but without the need of a cafetiere!

Blend No 1.

The Little Coffee Bag Co's very first blend consists of three beautiful speciality 100% Arabica coffees, grown in countries over a wide stretch of the equator, from Central America to Indonesia.

Rich and full bodied, yet smooth. It has a fruity medium acidity and good sweetness with notes of blackberries in the aroma and mellow chocolate notes throughout, creating a luxurious indulgence.

Blend No 2.

The Little Coffee Bag Co's Decaffeinated Coffee is a single origin coffee from Brazil, This coffee has had a Swiss water process for decaffeination which uses solely pure water to remove the Caffeine from the bean instead of using chemicals as used in other processes.

Clean tasting with mild acidity, especially floral on the nose and carries a milk nuttiness right through to the after taste, in particular roasted hazelnuts.

Blend No 3.


The Little Coffee Bag Co's sheer extravagance 'Jamaucan Blue Mountain'. Enjoy one of the most expensive and exclusive coffees in the world.
Only coffees from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica can use this infamous name.
They have the most perfect growing conditions, resulting in such a high quality tasting coffee. These beans are in very limited supply, In fact, only three estates produce this hallowed bean thus commanding such a high price.

A clean and delicate coffee, with subtle fruit acidity. Extremely well balanced and medium bodied.

All three blends taste devine but My favourite out of the three coffees has to be Blend No 3, It's a really expensive and luxurious coffee and that comes through in the taste.

Each box of the three different blends contains 20 individually wrapped Coffee Bags and are available from The Little Coffee Bag Co. Website or in store at Harvey Nichols.

Blend No 1: £14.95
Blend No 2: £14.95
Blend No 3: £39.95
You might be thinking... How much? For Coffee? But this isn't just any old coffee that you can buy at your local supermarket for under £5, It's a luxurious brand that will show your taste buds what real coffee is!
These coffee boxes are ideal if you like the finer things in life, or would even be ideal for the perfect present for a coffee lover out there, Especially Blend No 3.
As each Coffee bag is individually wrapped this makes them ideal to add to your drinks service at your workplace, giving your customers or clients a unique service.
Is The Little Coffee Bag Co something you'd be interested in trying? Also, I would love to hear if you have tried out the brand and your thoughts.
Have a Lovely Day... TGIF!



  1. i am a little addicted to coffee and seem to have tried everything out there - except these!
    I must buy these, they look so good. thanks for the post!

  2. I'm not really a big fan of coffee had haven't really drank much of it before-i'm more of a hotchoc fan but every now and again I kind of try a coffee to see if it tastes any better so may be I should try a more expensive one to see????

    Tanesha x


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