Thursday, 28 March 2013

Laser Hair Removal @ Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic

Hi Lovelies!
I'm back after a week break as I was really poorly with the flu... OMG I have never felt so ill in my life, but finally I'm over it and back to being myself!
If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I recently had my first laser hair removal treatment at Lush Beauty and Laser Clinic in Wolverhampton., which is a gorgeous modern salon that has tonnes of amazing treatments to offer.
About SOPRANO XL Laser Hair Removal.
The Soprano XL utilises revolutionary new technology with GOLD STANDARD 810 diode laser system for permanent hair reduction. Our laser is dedicated to hair removal and uses the latest 'cooling' technology allowing the treatment to be virtually pain free. It's the world's first effective laser hair removal system to be FDA approved as "pain free".

- Suitable for every skin and hair type.
- No scarring or burns.
- For men and women alike.
- Faster and often with less clinic visits and less treatments needed.
- Less cost to you.
- Maximum Comfort Minimum Fuss. 
- Superior, more predictable, more reliable results.
Whether you wax, pluck or shave those hairs, they never stay away for long and will always come back. This Laser hair removal treatment is a safe and proven long-term solution to removing those unwanted hairs. It works by focusing a laser beam at the base of unwanted hair follicles, causing them to stop producing hair. For the treatment to be effective it uses the dark pigment present in some hairs.

The treatment can be performed on almost any area of your body leaving you with that freshly removed hair feeling.

The laser is attracted to melanin, the dark pigment in hair. The energy from the laser travels down to the base of the hair follicle using melanin as a 'conductor' where it scatters as thermal energy. This damages the base of the hair follicle preventing it to produce hair as quickly. The rate of growth is dependent on the amount of sessions you take. As well as the laser needing melanin, the hair must also be in a certain stage of its growth cycle for the treatment to be effective. This cycle is known as the anagen or the 'active growing phase', which is when the hair is connected to the base of the hair follicle. This connection provides a direct pathway for the laser energy to disperse where the hair is produced at the base of the follicle. Not every hair follicle is in this phase at any one time on the body which is why you will need multiple treatments. This is referred to as telogen or the "resting phase".

My Laser Hair Removal Treatment.
Prior to my first laser treatment I had a consultation where the lovely Claire explained the procedure to me and I also filled in a questionnaire to notify if I have any health or skin problems.
I also had a patch test during my consultation to make sure I didn't have a reaction and also to test how the laser feels on your skin.
Five days after having my patch test I had my first laser treatment on my under arms and I was surprised how pain free the treatment was! The beautician got me to use a 1-5 pain scale and the only time it reached 5 is when it started to feel a little hot with a pulling sensation but she stopped and turned it down to make sure it wasn't unpleasant.
The treatment took around 15 minutes and I only had a little redness on my under arms which was cooled down with a little Aloe Vera Gel.
I obviously wont see any difference in the growth of my hair as this is only my first treatment but altogether I will be having 1 treatment every 4 weeks for 6-8 sessions, So I will report back to you all after my next session to tell you my progress.
Have you ever tried or considered laser hair removal?
If you are interested and are local to the West Midlands area then I highly recommend you trying Lush Beauty and Laser Clinic as this is something they specialise in highly.
Hope you are all having a lovely week.



  1. I so would love to have this done! Put off by the cost though :-S x

  2. The blog is very informative. Thank you..!! The world of beauty has been changing a lot. People are embarking different types of cosmetic treatments that helps to look beautiful and younger. Few days back, a close friend of mine undergone a laser hair removal treatment in Miami, that helped her to reduce the growth of the hair after each treatment.


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