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My Guide to Blogging ♥

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Hi Lovelies, I've only been blogging for just over a year now and I wouldn't say I'm a 'pro' at blogging yet but I thought I would do my own guide on blogging for any girls that are interested in starting up their own blog or if your still new to blogging.

**PLEASE NOTE** In this blog post I'm not telling anyone how to blog, I'm sharing some advice and guidance on what I've learnt from blogging, and I wouldn't want this post to come across in the wrong way... Just thought I'd clear that up before we get started.

Why do you want to start a blog?
Make sure you are starting a blog for all the right reasons!... I see so many girls lately starting blogs because they think they are going to get tonnes of free stuff... But it doesn't work like that!
Companies will only get in touch with you if they think your content is good and you generate enough traffic to your blog. Believe me it is a privilege to receive items to try out and review but blogging should be much more than that!
To me blogging is kind of a hobby, and I love writing new posts that I think people would be interested in and also giving you reviews on new products I've purchased and also showing makeup/nail looks.
Think of an appealing name.
For a while before I started blogging I couldn't think of a name for my blog, then finally I came up with Oh So Glam but I thought I would change it up a little and make it Ohh So Glam!
It's best to be 100% certain on the blog name you choose as the last thing you want to do is change your name and get all your readers confused!
Followers don't come overnight...
Believe me, for a good number of weeks I thought I was talking to myself as I only had a handful of followers! But it's not about how many people you've got following you, it;s about your views and the lovely comments you get off readers that have come across your blog.
I've only got just over 300 followers at the moment and yet I see other girls with 2000+, but this really doesn't bother me because it shouldn't be about who's got the most followers etc! As long as your content is good and people that come across your blog that read it also enjoy your content that that's all that should matter!
A great way to share your blog and also find some other great blogs is by using #bbloggers on twitter, They also have a #bbloggers chat every Wednesday and Sunday and at the end of the hour chat all girls swap links.
PR Companies.
As previously mentioned I wouldn't recommend as soon as you've started up a blog to pester PR Companies thinking you will get free stuff, as this won't happen!
A lot of PR Companies are always welcome to send you press releases and images of upcoming product releases, So sometimes it doesn't hurt to send an email to be added to their mailing list to receive this information.
Remember if you are lucky to receive any free samples to blog about always give an honest opinion and I always mark all free products with an (*).
Social Media.
Twitter is a huge favourite of mine as it is used by millions of people and I find it a great way to share blog posts.
There are a few Hash tags that are used by bloggers on twitter: #bbloggers - Beauty Bloggers #fbloggers - Fashion Bloggers and #lbloggers - Lifestyle Bloggers, I use these hash tags when I tweet about a latest blog post as they make them easier for other bloggers to find.
I also have my blog linked to Blog lovin', She said beauty and Hello cotton, these are also great to sign up to as it can help get your blog more noticed.
Looks are everything...
They say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but when it comes to blogging I think your blog design is one of the most important things!
When someone reads your blog for the first time they will always think 'oh well this looks pretty' or they might think 'omg this is really cluttered' and I think it's best to get a good design that reflects you as a person and that also makes your blog look really welcoming.
If you're new to blogging then you might be a little baffled on how to design your blog! I was totally confused when I saw HTML code etc and I didn't get the hang of it straight away, but after lot's of trial and error I finally got my blog looking how I wanted it.
If you do get stuck on designing your blog, other blogs and google can help you out with this too, with easy step by step guides. One of my favourite websites is Shabby Blogs as they have some really cute backgrounds and buttons for your blog.
There are also other bloggers out there that can design your blog for you too... and also for a cost. But if you just want a design done quick and easy then this could be an option for you.
When I first started blogging I used my iPhone camera to take photos but I had to keep them small otherwise they looked really pixelated, but for a while now I have been using a Samsung Camera and have them much bigger on my blog. Personally I think this is more appealing.
One of my favourite sites for editing photos is Ipiccy.
Grab yourself a note book and a pen and plan your blog posts, I find this a great way to write up any drafts when you think of them and also to write down any ideas you might have. I always find ideas come to me at the most random times, so it's always best to keep a notepad and pen in your bag so you can brainstorm!
Lately I have been blogging more often than usual but don't feel pressured to blog everyday as it's up to you when you want to blog.
Planning your blog posts will help you get all your content together so then you can produce a good blog post. The last thing you want to be doing is writing up a rushed blog post that doesn't make any sense!
And last of all... Have fun!!
I hope my guide to blogging has helped any of you that has had any questions or anything and please remember this is only 'my guide' and not me telling you how you should blog!
Hope you are all having a lovely week... I'm just waiting for my new washing machine to be delivered! Yay exciting times!
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